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What’s in the bag? Ashley Streicher

Ashley Streicher STRIIIKE Salon

Trying to replicate the gorgeous ‘dos Ashley Streicher whips up for the stars? Look no further than her hair kit, below! 

  • I love my Rene Furterer Vegetal Texture Spray for the most luxurious dry volume. Just spray in dry hair for movable, dry volume.
  • Davines Medium Hold Hairspray is my favorite hairspray, since it’s buildable and brush-able. I like to spray and layer for a built-in base that still has movement in the hair. Bonus – it smells like vanilla.
  • OI All In One Milk Spray by Davines is ideal for wash and go hair. I like to spray through wet hair and then not touch the hair again for natural, dried texture.

Ashley Streicher hair kit

  • The Milk Anti-Frizz by Reverie is a long standing favorite of mine. It’s the ultimate finishing cream for texture and separation without any heaviness. I also am addicted to the woodsy smell. Reverie also made my super chic scissor case pictured here.
  • David Mallett Volume Powder is a hair kit must. It’s a non-aerosol powder that gives incredible lift and hold. It’s perfect for heavy roots. Just spray at the roots and lift up the hair with your fingers for stay able volume. I also love to dust this over braids for hold and voluminous texture. 

Ashley Streicher hair kit

Ashley Streicher hair kit

Want to know how Ashley Streicher made it to the top of her game? Click here.



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