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WHAT’S IN THE BAG: Christian Marc

When you’re 13-years-old, you don’t give much thought to what career you’re going to enter. Not Mane Master Christian Marc—ever since he was a teen, he knew his life-calling was to be a hair artist. With a little patience and a lot of persistence, Marc later made the move to New York from Paris and made his teen dreams of becoming a hairstylist a reality. Here, the tools and products a master of Marc’s caliber uses to make mane magic.

products christian marc styling tools celebrity hairstylist


tools hair styling tools curling iron flat iron brush comb


tools brushes accessories christian marc



  • My bag is a Burton, which has plenty of place to put equipment and products with different compartments. It keeps me super organized, plus it’s strong and easy to carry.

travel tools christian marc

Follow @christianmarc for more #manespiration.



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