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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Clyde Haygood

Clyde Haygood Mane Addicts

When you see the gravity defying hairstyles and perfectly coiffed manes by Clyde Haygood, you have to wonder what he uses to create such dramatic and theatrical looks. Known for creating the iconic images on Hollywood’s most bold superstars, Clyde regularly works with some of our favorite celebs: Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Kylie Jenner, Ivy Levan, and Demi Lovato. So when we found ourselves on set with him, we had to open his bag and dive inside…


Clyde Haygood What's In The Bag Mane Addicts


Aerogel – “I can’t live without it because I’m from Texas and I love to build hair. I do a lot of music videos and shoots with such dramatic hair and I have to be able to change the looks quickly. Most of my styles are big and over the top. This spray gel is remarkable because it can act like a gel, you can get it shiny, or you can brush it out, without leaving the hair stiff. I live for it!”

Oribe Dry Texture Spray – “Of course! Can’t live without out it. It changes everybody’s hair for the better.”

John Allan’s Rock – “The most insane gel! The hardest gel you will ever find. Once it is on the hair, it is like a shell! But it’s all done with fruit extracts and it has the most amazing ingredients, so it’s not damaging for as strong as it is.”

Phytoplage – “The classic Phytoplage for more wet looks. This is the classic product that was popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Cindy Crawford would use this on shoots for super wet hair and tons of makeup look. It has a metallic glow to it. It’s really amazing. It was actually created as a sun oil to protect hair from UV damage. It’s super old school.”

Clyde Haygood What's In The Bag?! Mane Addicts


T3 Curling Wand – “I love the T3 iron without the clip, because I love textured, beachy, movement in hair. It’s no fuss and easy to use without creating creases or dents.”

Barbar blowdryer –” This is great, but to be honest, I change out my dryers regularly! I’m not that loyal to dryers, as long as it’s powerful.”

Metal brushes – “I mostly use metal brushes because I like to use them as  somewhat of an iron to really straighten the hair out. If the hair is really fine, I’ll use a boar bristle brush, but I usually work with hair that is not soaking wet- I’m usually just re-doing it. So a metal brush really allows me to rebuild the hair.”

Clyde Haygood What's In The Bag?! Mane Addicts

Euro Teaser – “This is super old school from infomercials, but it’s a multi prong brush with mini forks that create tons of volume.”



What do you think of Clyde’s hair kit? Have you heard of any of his products before? Let us know in the comments!

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