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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Jen Blanchard

Jen Blanchard What's in the Bag Mane Addicts

When she’s not styling hair for a magazine cover, red carpet, or celebrity, Jen Blanchard works at Andy Lecompte Salon where she flourishes as a stylist. Hailing from the Bayou, her infectious charm and sweet personality are a match for her raw talent and expertise. Learning her skills from Andy Lecompte himself, Jen Blanchard quickly succeeded in creating a name for herself. Keep reading to find what this hair guru can’t live without…

Jen Blanchard What's in the Bag Mane Addicts

“My kit is like a game of Tetris and I know exactly how the pieces fit together. If anything is out of place, my Burton bag won’t close properly. I’ve thought about getting a bigger bag, but I would just fill that one up too!  I learned all of my kit organization skills from the master himself, Andy Lecompte. Staying organized makes my job easier; I love when everything has its own home!”

Serge Normant and Kevin Murphy Powder Puff


Jen Blanchard What's in the Bag Mane Addicts


  • R Session Teasing Comb “A must (a gift from Andy LeCompte), along with a high quality fine tooth rat tailed comb.”
  • Parlux 385 Powerlight Dryer (in White) “I can’t live without it. It’s untouchable in my opinion because the motor is so strong and you can’t beat the quality not to mention I think the white is so chic!”
  • Ghd Eclipse Flat Iron “Literally the BEST flat iron I have ever used. The plates are so smooth and glide through hair with such ease. The plates also have nice rounded edges that make the best beachy waves.”

Jen Blanchard What's in the Bag Mane Addicts


“Also, you’ll never find me without my Rodin Lip Balm and a bottle of Cholula (also my dogs name:)).  Not used for hair obviously, but essentials in my opinion.”

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