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Jen Loura Behind the Scenes Hairstyling

As one of the leading hairstylists at Los Angeles’ famed Salon Benjamin, celebrity hairstylist Jen Loura has created some of the most effortless and coveted waves, braids, and ponytails on our favorite models, including Chrissy Teigen. But what’s behind her magic fingers? Products and tools of course! Below she spill the few she can’t live without.

Jen Loura Behind the Scenes Hairstyling


  • Elchim 2001 Blowdryer – I’ve been obsessed with this blowdryer since 2004! It  has a powerful gust and perfect heat distribution. AND it’s super light-weight
  • Balmain Golden Spa Brush – I use this brush to comb out wet hair and to blowdry with – the finish is clean and lustrous! Can you keep a secret?: I love it better than my Mason!
  • Nishida Pins – Every one of them is my go-to. Especially the U-Pins, long and medium. They fasten and secure any upstyle or top knot.


  • Balmain Texturizing Spray – Obsessed x20! This is the best texture spray for a soft surfer-girl bend. It creates the dreamiest of waves and smells beautiful!
  • Oribe Texturizng Spray – DUH. This is a staple in every professional Hairstylist’s kit. To get that “just had a makeout sesh” tousle, spray this into your roots. Love it.
  • Orlando Pita Play Max Capacity Hybrid Hairspray – This spray has the finest plume and has the lightest touch to hair. I use it when I want to play with a style over and over and still maintain its structure. It’s a winner!

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