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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Jill Crosby

Jill Crosby not only tends to the strands of the stars, she also lends her craft to the creative world of film, television, and fashion. After years of apprenticing with world renowned hair stylists such as Charles Ifergan, Marianne Strokirk, and Vidal Sassoon, Jill became one of the most sought-after stylists in Hollywood. In addition to creating fabulous ‘dos for celebrities like Julie Bowen, Melissa McCarthy, and Allison Janney, Jill is also a wig-making maven. Her creative talents propelled collaborations with prominent filmmakers and photographers including Tim Burton, John Wells, and Nigel Parry. As current spokeswoman for Women’s Rogaine, Jill also shares hair wisdom with everyday women on how to keep their mane healthy.  So, what does this superwoman-stylist keep in her work kit? You know we had to ask! Check out what’s in her bag below.

Jill Crosby Celebrity Hairstylist Favorite Products

  1. Kerastase Keratine Thermique – “This is a great product to smooth and protect hair for those who like to use heat often. It makes my clients’ hair look shiny and healthy.”
  2. Kevin Murphy Fresh Hair – “This dry shampoo has a nice scent that is long-lasting and it’s not too overwhelming like other dry shampoos I’ve come across.”
  3. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray – “One of my favorite styling products, this absorbs the extra oils in your hair and gives great texture and volume.”
  4. Women’s ROGAINE® Foam – “I always recommend this to women for a permanent solution for hair loss. It is FDA-approved and has the highest concentration of minoxidil—5%. Best of all, you can use it once a day and it won’t interfere with any other styling products.”Jill Crosby Celebrity Hairstylist Favorite Products
  5. Blow Pro No Crunch Volumizing Mousse – “This works great for fine hair to add volume and lift at the roots.”
  6. Oribe Hair Spray – “I always like to layer hairspray on my clients and let it dry before adding more. This is really buildable and has a flexible hold.”
  7. R+Co Badlands Dry Shampoo Paste – “This product adds a lot of texture while absorbing any excess oil for perfect second day hair.”

Jill Crosby Celebrity Hairstylist Favorite Products

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