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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Laura Polko

Laura Polko

There are few people who have mastered hair styling that looks unstyled. Gone are the days of overworked and over set hair, but working a style to look perfectly imperfect is not an easy thing to do; which is why we love Laura Polko, a hairstylist on the rise, who has been the woman behind the manes of some of our favorite starletts including Ashley Benson, Victoria Justice, and Vanessa Hudgens as well as the gorgeous heads of hair in the Wildfox campaigns. Yes that ultra femme, soft, touchable hair that looks a little bedhead, a little glamazon, and a whole lotta sexy. So naturally we had to know whats behind the hands with the magic touch? Well look no further than inside Laura’s bag…

Laura Polko

Laura Polko What's in the Bag


  • “Pretty much the whole Sun Bum Beach Hair care line. Their salt spray doesn’t make the hair too sticky and serum doesn’t make the hair too greasy.
  • The entire Scunci line of accessories, pins and hair ties.
  • I always bring a bag of clip-in extensions that I can mix and match to make a girls hair fuller. Girls always feel better about their hair and overall look with an extra track or two.
  • My blue Mason Pearson brush, because since it’s not black I wont lose track of it.
  • Burton bag and all their travel size gear for products, extensions, brushes and pins. Their bags are reliable especially for dragging around New York City.
  • I always use my Hot Tools marcel irons.
  • One brand one inch flat iron. It’s good for straightening or for creating movement and texture.”

Laura Polko What's in the Bag

“Overall I don’t like to overpack or just pack tools and products to look the part. It gets to be too much, so I keep it minimal and find myself using products and tools I trust. If Im not familiar with the product I’ll try it on my own hair to see what it does first, then decide if it’s worth using on someone else.”

Laura Polko

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