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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Lauren Kaye Cohen

As a celebrity men’s groomer, Lauren Kaye Cohen has perfected the art of precision men’s grooming, making her a favorite among celebs such as Sir Paul McCartney, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ethan Hawke, Jim Carrey and Terrence Howard. Lauren’s work on the strapping men of entertainment can be seen in Vogue, W, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Esquire, as well as various press appearances. So we have to wonder…does men’s hair care vary from women’s and what exactly does someone bring when coiffing the manes of the hottest A-listers? Lauren Kaye Cohen opens her bag and lets us dive inside…


Lauren Kaye Cohen

“As stylists, we have many different ways of doing things… some of us love our “tried and trues”, some want only the newest, some can do anything with only a handful of products, and some lug everything with them but the kitchen sink. I am trying to stop bringing the kitchen sink. So right now I’m on a deluxe travel-size kick! Many of my favorite products come in that perfect 2 oz (-ish) size, which allows me to bring a great selection without the bulk or weight. Plus, I can easily fit them into my set kit or dash to the airport for a job out of town. Here are the ones I’m using most often in my kit these days…

Lauren Kaye Cohen

Lauren Kaye Cohen

There are a few items in my kit that may not be worthy enough to share with fellow “addicts” but just in case you didn’t know…

Lauren Kaye Cohen

For more #manespiration, follow @LaurenKayeCohen.

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