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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Matt Fugate

Matt Fugate Best Blowout in NYC

Is it any surprise that Allure’s Best Blowout in NYC hails from Sally Hershberger Salon? The man behind the mane in none other than Matt Fugate, whose work has graced the pages of Elle, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. Regularly on the fashion week circuit, Matt easily creates the bombshell hair we all lust over. So what makes the man who coifs the manes of notable celebs and editorial campaigns? His tools of course! Matt opened up his kit and let us take a peek inside…

Matt Fugate What's In The Bag

“My bag situation is unique as I have no car and a trunk to act as my mobile salon….

So I usually have two different saddle bags that go over my bike and like four different backpacks depending on the situation/elements/ride. When I am abroad I rely on my trusty Burton bag for the plane rides.”

Matt Fugate What's In The Bag


“My favorite is the Sedu Icon Privé, hands down the beast mode of blow dryers. They don’t make them better than this and with the price tag I can see why. I use this for everything, except for my super fine haired girls, it’s just too powerful, even at the lowest power setting. I use my T3 Micro Featherweight for fine hair and for editorial type precision.”

Matt Fugate What's In The Bag


“I have about 30+ irons, but I have to travel light, so the T3 Whirl Trio is great as it gives me 3 sized wands in 1. I love Harry Josh’s new marcel/wand as well for my classic marcel needs.

I love my GHD Platinum Flat Iron with the new wishbone design. It is genius for anything and beyond everything. The T3 mini which is great for little issues.”

Matt Fugate What's In The Bag


“My Mason Pearsons of course, and my most loved is the Sensitive Mason Pearson, it is softer than the original and just a great brush.

My round brush arsenal is made up of YS Park Carbons in most sizes, they are just amazing.

Then I have my original Spornette that I’ve have since I’ve moved to New York. It is my good luck charm and is so worn down that it now is used just for zero tension moments.

My detail brushes are the Sanbi Slim 301 and the Pro-Arte K-20t. One strong one soft….love them, swish and flick!

My shears are Hikari and my razor is a converted feather nape razor.”


“I am constantly testing/mixing new things but I have a couple that never leave the bags.

TECH I can’t live without…

  • My iPad of course.
  • My GoPro for fun behind the scenes moments.
  • Most importantly my Google Glass which I use for tutorials and being able to video/ snap photos by blinking my eye (literally), without the use of my hands.Matt Fugate What's In The Bag


  • Hair shop hair ring for perfect matching for extensions.
  • Topsy tail for a million uses, like flipping braids, tucking in flyaways, pulling hair through clothing or bands (on shoots).
  • A wig (usually colored by Aura Friedman).”


Be sure to follow @mattshair for more #manespiration.

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