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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Orlando Pita


There is no doubt to the legend that Orlando Pita is. As one of the leading hairstylists at New York Fashion Week and abroad, Orlando’s looks create the backbone for major worldwide hair trends. So if the saying is true that one is only as good as his tools, we had to wonder what Orlando uses on the reg. Without further ado, a peek inside Orlando’s bag…


“I’m obsessed with having my bag packed precisely how I teach an assistant on their first day” says Orlando. “It’s so important with all the travel we do, with liquids and aerosols, that nothing spills or tools don’t get damaged. We wrap all of the product lids with a Saran Wrap kind of thing. There’s also a particular way I like my brushes packed so the bristles don’t get squashed. We do pack differently when it’s Fashion Week, as we bring basically more of everything: meaning pins, extensions, elastics, products, maybe accessories, such as a certain barrette I’m liking. It changes all the time depending on what I’m into at that season or moment!”


  • T3 Curling Irons, Flat Irons, and Hair Dryers “Love how quickly they work and that there’s minimal heat damage to the hair when using them. ” 
  • T3 2nd generation Hair Dryer. “It’s not even on the market anymore, but those first models are still my preference. We carry the New Professional T3 Hair Dryer too, as I like to switch it up. I’ve always found T3’s tools to work great.”





  • Tumi Suitcases “I find them reliable and easy to get fixed at Tumi since they get banged up.”
  • Straight Pin Studio LA Case “I’m never without it. It houses all of the various pins I need for any given shoot and for fashion week. It’s a kit essential.”


  • R Session Pro Tools Heat Pad
  • Clear Plastic Bags for Organizing Hair Extensions
  • Wig Stand


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