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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Pekela Riley

Pekela Riley What's in the Bag

If you’ve wondered what tools and products brush the head of Michelle Williams or Gabrielle Union, or how your favorite looks from Ebony Mag, Essence, or BET’s Black Girl Broadcast came to be, look no further because hairstylist Pekela Riley is willing to open her bag and let us dive inside. Styling everything from fashion week shows to red carpet appearances, Pekela needs a kit equipped to create both soft and hard looks that translate well on camera.

What's in the Bag?! Pekela Riley

1. A soft diffuser: “Because it’s easy to carry around and fits in your pocket. It diffuses hair just like a traditional one.”

2. Mizani lacers: “Because they create lots of volume and curls with very few placements and they’re easy and light weight to carry around for travel.” 

3. Natural hair extensions by @trueandpuretexture. “These are a unique line of hair extensions made especially for African-American and natural hair. Today’s hair styles must be very true to life and need to reflect the natural movement and textures that we celebrate today. Clients love them because the are undetectable and the texture actual matches theirs.”

4. “I keep a few custom color clip in extensions ready to go.”

5. “Double-sided fashion tape is a staple in my kit because it allows me to create tape in extension options on the fly. And they’re easily removed as soon as this photo shoot or event is finished.”

6. “Bungee wraps are great for securing large amounts of hair in a pony tail in a cinch with zero slip.”

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