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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Sally Hershberger

Sally Hershberger

When a hair guru like Sally Hershberger opens her bag, you dive inside. Sally has been the driving force behind beautiful, effortless hair since the 90’s. Creating looks for some of the most iconic supermodels, Sally has paved the way for a generation of new hairdressers, reinventing the shag, embracing short hair, and creating sexy, timeless, touchable hair. As the driving force behind two product lines, Sally has recently launched the best yet- 24K, a line of luxe haircare only Sally could create. So when she opened her bag to let us know what tools and products a true master relies on, we couldn’t wait to see what’s inside…

Sally Hershberger Bag


  • 24K VOLUMIZING MOUSSE “I never do anyone’s hair unless I put my 24K Volumizing Mousse in it. It’s a heat protectant, gives great moveable volume, and cuts blow dry time.”
  • 24K SUPERIORITY COMPLEX TEXTURIZING PASTE “I always finish with my 24K paste when I’m doing a haircut; it completes my haircuts. It brings out the layers and the dimension in the color.”
  • SEBASTIAN SHAPER PLUS HAIRSPRAY “If I’m on a photoshoot I like using Sebastian hairspray because it’s not sticky or tacky, and you can run your hands through it.”

What's in the bag Sally Hershberger


  • 1-inch Hot Tools Curling Iron “I love using the 1-inch curling iron to create beautiful, beach-like waves. I always use this to wave my hair and get natural-looking texture.”
  • Solano Blow Dryer “It’s hard for me to find a quality blow dryer. The Solano blow dryer is great because it survives the wear and tear of my busy schedule.”
  • Sally Hershberger Professional Haircare 1-inch Round Brush “I prefer to use the 1-inch round brush because it gives me the right amount of volume and the boar bristles allow me to really grip the hair well when I’m styling.”
  • Scunci No-slip Grip Chunky Jaw Clips “I love these jaw clips to get beautiful, natural texture. I pin the hair, let it set and it gives natural, wavy texture.”
  • Mason-Pearson Popular Brush “This brush detangles the hair without creating breakage and avoids frizz.”

Sally Hershberger Set Up


Sally Hershberger Set Up


Does your kit look like Sally’s? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to follow @sallyhershberger for more #manespiration.

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