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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Sami Knight

Sami Knight What's in the Bag

Having just been in the United States for a couple years, Sami Knight has quickly made a name for himself styling some of the hottest stars. With a flourishing career in the UK, it was a rising pop star that brought him to the states, where he has since created innovative and bold styles on celebrities such as Amber Rose, Jessie J, Iggy Azalea, Ciara, and Lion Babe, to name a few. I had the pleasure of working with Sami last month where I got to see his creative talents first hand, featuring everything from stenciled hair color, temporary glitter gels, and bold accessories. Sami has a unique vision when it comes to haircare that reflects a true artist. Take a look to see what kind of kit he carries and the go-to products he keeps in his arsenal…

Sami Knight Favorite Products


Sami Knight Parlux Dryer Harry Josh Brush


Sami Knight Luggage


  • Tumi Luggage “I have three Tumi suitcases. If I’m doing editorial, I take two cases just because I don’t know what I’m going to need. If it’s someone I know, it’s one Tumi case.”
  • Globe-Trotter Luggage “If I know I’m just going for a blow dry, I’ll just take the essentials in that.”

Sami Knight What's in the Bag? LuggageEXTENSIONS

Sami Knight Teasing Comb


  • Supremo Magic Move Light “Every stylist should have this. It’s a pomade, but it gets rid of flyaways.”
  • Cloud Nine Flat Iron “I was actually working with Jessie J and her hairdresser, Alisha Dobson, recommended this to me and I have never looked back. It’s amazing!” 

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