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WHAT’S IN THE BAG?! Featuring Sarah Potempa

We aren’t lying when we say Celebrity Hairstylist Sarah Potempa’s 365 Days of Braids Challenge on Instagram is something that we look forward to daily. A quick scroll through her feed shows an amazing assortment of waves, braids, and innovative hair creations. Having worked on hair for the covers of magazines, movie premieres, ad campaigns, and celebrities, we had to wonder what this mastermind takes with her to a job- so we reached out and got all the details of what’s in the bag of one of our favorite Mane Masters…

“My hair kit is always changing but some staples travel everywhere with me. Here are my must have hair essentials:

sarah potempa beach waver

My go to curling irons are the Beachwaver Pro and S1. I created these tools to help make styling easier by automatically rotating and eliminating strain on the wrist. These are also great because they cut down time. During a fashion show, my team used the Beachwaver Pro for a roller set on 15 models and we finished the look an hour early. For sleek straight or C shaped waves, I use my Ceramic Styling Iron which have floating plates that allow for extra movement. On a photoshoot, I carry the Jet-Setter, a cordless rechargeable styling iron. A hair dryer is necessary in all kits even if your aren’t planning on doing a blow out. You never know when it’s going to rain or you need a wind machine! Along with irons, I carry heat mats and a Hot Iron Holster to easily store and protect my workspace. 

For updos, I love to have a few Wrap Up and Half Ups in multiple colors. They are great base for updos and creating different looks like a chignon, top knot, faux bob and even a faux hawk. 

sarah potempa kit

A few bags of products that include flexible mousse, dry shampoo, hair spray, gel, water based cream, and texturize spray to name a few. One of my favorites is Aussie’s Flexible Hairspray

My pin box contains all the different kinds and colors of bobby pins as well as hair ties and Darby Clips for sectioning. For fun, I bring accessories like headbands, colored hair extensions, ribbon, twine, or hair clips. 

I could fill a whole suitcase just of extensions but I usually only travel with a few bags of different colors and lengths. Also, I always carry my scissor collection for cuts.  

Sarah Potempa hair set up

As far as brushes go, I carry a wide assortment from a tail comb to paddle brush. My absolute favorite is the On Set Styling Brush. It is a nylon boar bristle combination brush that is perfect styling and smoothing waves. I bring an extra mini version to give to my clients to touch up throughout an event.  

Along with my suitcase, I’ll carry a smaller on set bag, that contains all the touch up items for the client’s look.

Sarah Potempa Beach Waver

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out on social! @sarahpotempa

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