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What’s in the Bag: Sienree

Hair Stylist Interview Sienree Celebrity

Even if you don’t know Sienree by name,  you’ve definitely seen her work. She’s a seasoned celebrity, editorial and ad stylist for both men and women, has worked with some of our fave heads of hair (celebs like Lucy Hale, Sky Ferreira, Desi Perkins, & Jordyn Woods) and her work can be found on the pages of Elle, Nylon, Cosmo, Glamour and Vogue. Ever wonder what a girl with that much industry experience and a knack for creating unique shapes and textures on every hair type carries in her kit? We did …. so we asked her! Check it out below;

S: I’m so particular about how I pack my kit. Everything has to be organized because things can break, leak, and get damaged. The worst is opening your kit with a sticky, gooey, wet, surprise. I also think organization is key to a great work flow. In order to work quickly and efficiently, I like to keep things tidy and clean. My cords are wrapped up with velcro, my bobby pins held together by rubber bands separated by color, and my products separated by size and type.

Everything has a place and like most artists, it’s like playing Tetris when it comes to packing our kits so I like to make time to keep everything neat. I’m also such a creature of habit, if something works great for me, I’ll use it forever. Every brand always has one amazing product that I can’t live without so my kit is pretty mixed.  

Hair Professional Kit Bag Celebrity Stylist


Hot Tools 1 inch  and the 1 1/4 inch Marcel Curling Irons: 
I can create any type of wave with them, whether it’s a glamorous and structured dry finger wave or the loose beauty waves that us Cali girls die for. The tools are reasonably priced and get the job done. I definitely prefer using a Marcel iron over a spring clip iron, you get so much control and it speeds up the curling time.
Paul Mitchell’s XS curling iron: 
This iron is probably the size of my pinky and is so perfect to create and touch up our naturally curly haired babes. It’s kind of the perfect size to touch up ethnic textured curls or to create big Diana Ross do’s. Such a good one to have!

Paul Mitchell Ion blowdryer:
I’ve had this dryer for over 5 years now and it still works perfectly. I love this one specifically because its SOO light! I’m a vertically challenged girl so when I have to do a major blow out for these gazelles, having a lightweight dryer saves my shoulders and wrists. It also heats up quick and polishes hair with ease.
This is my favorite dressing brush. It polishes and dresses the hair while it detangles and smoothes without pulling or breaking the hair. It’s so perfect for brushing out curls without disturbing it so much that it would fall. It’s also my favorite brush to detangle and brush out extensions.
Janeke Wide Tooth Comb:
Besides the fact that it’s so damn pretty to look at, this comb is great for doing light back combs to create texture and volume without disturbing the hair too much.. 
Small Flat Boar Bristle Brush:
I love this to control baby hairs, control edges, and fly-aways. Such a great polishing brush for slick pony tails!
Hair Professional Kit Bag Celebrity Stylist
This is my ultimate must have product for any editorial styling. It’s super strong and holds up any shape without the gunky and sticky residue. I’m able to brush through and re-work hair styles without any flaking and grossness. It’s my absolute favorite and I honestly feel lost without it.
This has to be my favorite dry shampoo ever. It gives crazy volume and doesn’t look look like a bag of baking soda jut exploded on your scalp.  I love this product when I’m trying to create expand shapes or just to give a little lift with little effort.
I mean, do I really need to say anything about this one? Besides the orgasmic scent, I love this product to create texture. It adds a lived in texture and also kind of has a dry shampoo action which is so perfect for our textured bobs/ lobs/ and beauty waves.
This is my favorite sea salt spray.  It’s light and gives build able texture. I like to use it to prep the roots before blow drying for volume and texture, to refresh the hair if it needs a little kick, and it’s also my favorite for mens hair, it adds that instant lived in rock and roll look without feeling too grimy and sandy. This stuff is magical and smells amazing.
Kusco-Murphy Lavender Creme:
I love this for adding separation to ends and also to control fly-aways and frizz. It does the job without weighing the hair down and is so perfect for controlling curly hair as well. 
This is meant to be a gray hair root touch up but I use it to fill in parts and hairlines. I especially love it for high top knots and cornrows. I use it to fill in the scalp and instantly makes the hair look full and who doesn’t love full hair?
Hair Professional Kit Bag Celebrity Stylist
Hair hair hair and more hair!
Depending on my job, I always travel with a suitcase of hair extensions, falls, and wigs. I think it’s important to come prepared to do anything on the fly. Whether our model has baby cat hair and we need to turn her into Dolly Parton or she has a full head of hair but wants some length, It’s my job to make sure they’re covered. I have my hair organized by color and length on hangers for easy access. That way my assistants and I can find what we need instantly without wasting time.
Matte Bobby Pins:
I love using matte bobby pins and hair pins. They have the gnarliest hold and will not slip. Such a lifesaver for red carpet styles.
Sugar Bear Hair Gummies:
These hair gummies are filled with vitamins and I love having them in my kit to give to my talent and crew. These cute treats taste amazing and it makes everyone so happy. It tastes like candy so it kind of helps me stay away from the sugary junk food.
Makita Portable Blower:
Who doesn’t love a little wind in their hair? This hand help portable leaf blower has multiple settings to create the perfect lift. Wind can bring life to an image so it definitely comes in handy. You can go from a easy J Crew summer breeze to a all out hair flipping Beyonce moment. I like to have this with me because it gives me way more control than a bulky fan, and since its portable, you can go mobile with it and create wind from.

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