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Should You Dye Your Hair Before Your Wedding?

Of course, you want to look as stunning as possible on your big day. And that means possibly refreshing your hair color or going with something entirely new. But, making any pivotal hair change before your big day is risky. We reached out to Guy Tang, celebrity colorist extraordinaire, for his take on when you should dye your hair before your wedding.

To get right into it, should you dye your hair a new color before your wedding? According to Guy, this isn’t the time to experiment. “I don’t suggest trying a new color right before your wedding because it could take time to change it if you don’t like it,” he tells us. Read on to discover what he does suggest you do with your color before your wedding day!

Person with their hair dyed pink before their wedding day | Mane Addicts
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Time to Refresh

If you’re sure you want to switch it up before saying “I do,” Guy notes there’s a sweet spot. “If you really want to try a new color, I would suggest six months in advance so there is plenty of time to change it.”

The rules are way more relaxed for a repeated color. “If your color is on the natural side and your go-to color, I would suggest two to three weeks before your date. If you have a vibrant color or a fragile pastel, I suggest one week before so the color is fresh,” Guy notes.

To ensure the color stays vibrant from cocktails to brunch, go easy on the suds. “Wash your hair only when needed and with a color securing shampoo and conditioner like Mydentity MyConfidant Shampoo and Conditioner. If you get it done a week out from your date, it will most definitely stay vibrant,” he notes.

All in White

If you are looking for a color change centered around your wedding, you can change your hair to make sure it pops against your dress. “Every hair color goes with white but if you want contrast, warmer blondes work best with white. Anything goes for brunettes because you already have the dark with light contrast with white/bridal clothing,” says Guy.

Confidence Is Key

Ultimately, bridal hair color is all about your comfort level. “Choose the hair color that makes you feel most confident and yourself on your wedding day,” he adds.

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