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Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

Graphic Designer, blogger, health guru, mommy, YouTube star, curl connoisseur, Whitney White is a modern day superwoman. Since uploading her first Youtube video in 2009, the New England-based beauty vlogger has garnered millions of followers, helped influence the shift in the haircare industry, and partnered with some huge brands. White’s success is unprecedented as she began documenting her hair journey during a time when YouTubers went unpaid and naturalistas were majorly ignored. Who knew one video would set ablaze a game-changing career?

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

White decided to return to her natural roots back in college when she could no longer deal with the tiresome relaxer routine. Back in 2009, there weren’t many resources to school folks on natural hair, there was even less info on curl types. White had trouble finding experts that had (or understood) her 4a hair type, so she became the change she wished to see and launched her YouTube channel Naptural85. After much trial and error with her own hair journey, White opened her vault of wisdom to the world – thus pioneering what we now call the “natural hair movement.”

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

Business Insider credits White as a “driving force behind a drastic shift in black hair.” For the last two years, the sales of hair relaxers have plummeted by $130 million. Meanwhile, natural hair products have skyrocketed by $200 million! Natural black hair is finally being recognized and we can thank vloggers like White for that. With the internet being a treasure trove of curated interests, women are no longer relying on mainstream magazines for their hair guides. Rather, they look to real life stars who share similar issues and offer beneficial advice.

We all want to achieve healthy and strong hair, and White’s curls are definitely #goals! So we asked her what are her top 3 Mane Secrets and here’s what she told us below:

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

MANE SECRET #1  When in doubt or frustrated, stop, protective style, and move on.” 

“We all have times when we feel like our hair isn’t cooperating or isn’t growing at the rate we want. When this happens, the best thing to do is to stop thinking about it and leave your hair alone. So what I like to do is make sure to wash, seal, trim any ends if needed, and then put my hair into a protective style that can last for at least 3 weeks. That way, I can take a break from my hair to get my sanity back, but it also allows my hair to grow strong and healthy without tons of manipulation and stress.”

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

MANE SECRET #2  Invest in conditioner.”

“I don’t mean to buy the most expensive one, use whatever works best for you, but just buy, or make, a lot of it! I love DIY homemade treatments because, for the most part, they’re inexpensive and I can make a lot of it without feeling like I’m ‘wasting’ or having to ration. But when I buy conditioner, I always buy it in bulk because it really helps to moisturize my curls during the cleansing process. It also helps me to detangle, making that cleansing process much easier and more enjoyable. So conditioner, for me, is the one thing I never skimp on.”

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

MANE SECRET #3 “You are exactly what you eat.”

“Strong, healthy hair can only grow if you’re feeding it what it needs. Of course, hair will still grow without a perfect diet, much like a body can still live on when malnourished, but you’ll have healthier and stronger hair if you make sure to eat a healthy, balanced diet. So that means don’t skip the water, eat your leafy greens and veggies, nuts, fruits and proteins (which can be meat-based or plant based).”

Whitney White Natural Hair Naptural85

With over half a million subscribers hanging on her every word, it’s no wonder major brands want to work with White. The vlogger is currently partnered with L’Oreal’s Carol’s Daughter.

Not only do we get to watch Whitney’s hair (and career) blossom, we also get a look into her personal life. On her secondary channel, DearNaptural85, Whitney uploads “almost daily” vlogs of her lovable family. All while teaching us the secrets of co-washing and twist-outs, White’s awesome persona is super evident, but we get to see even more of her awesomeness in her personal vlogs, from her witty banter with her hubby Felipe to their adventures with their vivacious and insanely adorable daughter Olivia. Even with all of her success, the beauty guru still manages to remain cool and down to earth offering incredible advice for a happier, healthier, and curlier way of life. Whitney White is just a dope human being tbh.

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