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You’ve Got to Try These Whole Foods Hair Products

Whether you’re an avid Whole Foods shopper or you just stop in every now and then to pick up some Halo Top Ice Cream, you’re probably familiar with the feel good shopping experience that you get from browsing the aisles of the trendy grocery store. However, the organic groceries aren’t the store’s only highlight–the Whole Foods hair products aisle is like an untapped gold mind. Just like their selection of food, the retailer offers a variety of hair products packed with ingredients that are good for both your hair and wallet.

To get you hip, we’ve rounded up the best Whole Foods hair products to scoop up the next time you’re in store. The best part? Thanks to Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods, pretty soon you might just be able to get the products delivered via Amazon Prime. Fingers crossed!

And while we’re talking clean beauty HERE are nine nontoxic products that work wonders for dry hair. 

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