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A Strand Test Is More Important Than You Think

Strand tests are critical to ensuring you get the color you’re hoping for. Whether you’re dyeing your locks yourself or a stylist working with a client, you cannot skip this step.

There have been many who avoided the test, thinking they knew what to expect. And wow, was that not the case. Things didn’t go as planned, needless to say.

Below, we dive into why a strand test is important when it comes to dyeing your hair!

It Can Prevent a Major Accident From Happening

The biggest strand test benefit is its ability to prevent a major hair catastrophe. Just because a client claims to have never used box dye, doesn’t make it true. Many lie about what they’ve done to their hair in the past or simply forget. But you know what doesn’t lie or forget? The strand test.

It will tell you exactly what to expect before things go too far. Many hairstylists point out how there have been a few times where they wished they had done the strand test. So don’t make the mistake of using your best judgement. Instead, opt for the strand test.

It Gives You a Preview of the Color You Can Expect

Somewhat similar to the above point, the strand test will show you what the color will look like. This will help prevent any sort of disaster, while also giving the client a preview of what they can expect. Maybe everything goes great with the strand test, but your client ends up not really loving the result. Instead of wasting all that time and energy dyeing their whole head a color they won’t even like, it can be prevented with the test.

It Lets You Know How Long to Keep the Dye on Your Hair

Everyone’s hair is different. Even if someone boasts a naturally dark hue, their color may lift better than someone who has bleached their tresses too many times. You may think you can judge this by looking at the strand, but that’s not always the case. Not to mention, everyone’s tresses absorb color differently. The only way you’ll know how long to keep the dye on the hair is with a strand test.

It Shows You What Developer You May Need

Same as letting you know how much color to use, the strand test will show you the type of developer you’ll need. A color remover may work better than bleach and vice versa. This quick little test will show you what you need to know before you get too far into the process and something goes awry.

It Also Works as an Allergic Reaction Test

Above all else, you’ll learn if you’re allergic to the dye or developer being used on your tresses. This can stop a fiasco from taking place. It’s one thing to get a color you don’t like, it’s another to have an allergic reaction. Avoid it as best you can with a strand test!

Now that you know why you should always do a strand test, HERE’S why you should also do a brush test!

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