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Why a Toothbrush Is the Best Tool to Tame Your Frizz

Contrary to popular belief that a toothbrush should be confined to the crevices of your pearly whites, the toothbrush serves a very important role in signing, sealing, and delivering a frizz-free ‘do. Think of it as the key to good hairstyle hygiene. You can get a toothbrush anywhere, but our favorite toothbrush, not only for its functionality but also its appearance, is the Piave Gold Plated Toothbrush (from Amazon). 


toothbrush for hairHow does one use a toothbrush on their tresses, and why does your professional kit or personal beauty bag need a tool that humans reserve for their teeth, you ask? The answer is simple: when you’ve finished your blowout, snatched ponytail, beachy waves—you name the hairstyle, the toothbrush can better it—either dip the toothbrush in your favorite pomade or gel, or spray it with hairspray, and glide it over any unruly flyaways or uncooperative patches. Or use the toothbrush to shape the hairline or bangs. The result—a clean, polished finish—is the difference between a good hairstyle and a gorgeous one. 

Of course, if you’re going for a wispy, disheveled look then you’ll forego the toothbrush step, but for any other style going the extra mane mile is mandatory. The best part about the toothbrush hack is that it’s inexpensive and makes hair photograph ten times better, and in a social media-driven world practicing good hair hygiene is just as important as perfecting your content, because quality content means potential clients.


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