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Why BAE-NGS are the Only Hairstyle You Need for Summer

Selena Gomez Bangs Revival Tour

If you were lucky enough to score tickets to Selena Gomez’s Revival tour this summer you know first hand how she can easily whip her hair around on stage (I mean, is that Selena or Beyonce?!), but when she debuted BANGS for the first time last month, our jaws dropped. Whether it to combat her mega mane when she was strutting her stuff on the dance floor or just a welcome change from her iconic long locks, she proved just how great bangs can look on even the most glamorous hair. We talked to her on-tour hairstylist Marisa Marino, who resides at LA’s 901 Salon when she’s not on tour with the pop icon, and the one responsible for her bold hair change about why bae-ngs are our fav look for summer.

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 “Generally in the summer, everyone wants their long, beach wave hair but often are still looking for a change without losing any length. Cutting long, feathery, lightweight bangs that can be styled straight down but also to the side instantly changes your whole look! I would definitely recommend cutting them at a length where you can push them to the side in case you encounter any of those scorching summer heat waves!” says Marisa.

 “[Selena] really wanted a change for summer and bangs really changed her whole look and made her feel a little more edgy. It’s been really fun and has inspired us to create new, sexy styles!”

So what happens if you go for the chop but have major long hair FOMO after?

“There’s no way around it,” she says. “There’s always going to be that ‘awkward phase’ [when they grow out], so find ways to pin them out of your face in the mean time. Such as braids, chic headbands or hold back with gold metallic Bobbi pins to still look cute.”

And what happens if you take the leap but hate what they look like IRL?

“If you absolutely hate your bangs and have instant regret, try parting them on the side or in the middle and blend into your longer layers with a curling iron and set with some hairspray!” We’re convinced! If Selena can rock a fringe for the first time and look banging, so can we.

 Do you have a bang horror story?! We want to know ALL about it in the comments below.

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