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I’m Swearing Off Perfume After Discovering This Product

I’ve been using perfume ever since the 5th grade. The addiction started with a bottle I snagged from my mother’s counter. My obsession only grew with age and I found myself gravitating towards indie perfumers and lesser-known makers. I was one of the first proud wearers of Le Labo’s Santal and declared it passé a few years ago when I caught a lame friend wearing it at a wedding. I never imagined swearing off perfume, but that all changed when I was introduced to Diptyque’s hair mist Eau de Sens.

via Diptyque

I’ve never been one for laying on the scent. I hate it when a guy walks into a room and your nostrils are accosted with their cologne. For this reason, I’ve always opted for the “two spritz” approach. No matter what scent I’m wearing, I limit it to two spritzes. You never want to exit a room only to have your perfume stay behind.

You can imagine my delight when I discovered Diptyque’s hair mists. I wasn’t out to cheat on my perfume but it happened. I sprayed the stuff on my hair and walked out the door. I didn’t bother with perfume that day and now I know it was the right move. The formula’s orange blossom, angelica root, patchouli, and juniper berry notes surprised me all day. I kept on catching soft wafts of the scent as I moved through my daily activities. As my hair moved, diptyque hair mist provided a slight scent that was almost undetectable but always there as a beautiful backdrop.

After the first day, I perfected my hair mist ritual. I jumped in the shower and ended it with a cold rinse to strengthen capillary fibers in the hair. This guarantees that your hair mist will be better absorbed. I let hair roughly dry while I got ready and finished my look with a few spritzes of diptyque hair mist. My favorite scent was the brand’s Eau de Sens hair mist ($52.00). The smell is light and delicate and the formula is made with nourishing camellia oil to fortify strands. The precious liquid leaves your hair smelling bright and spicy, all at the same time. The longlasting scent of diptyque hair mist meant I didn’t have to reapply and that skipping my usual perfume was a-ok. I’ll never go back to heavy scents again.

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