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Why Do We Trim Our Ends for Growth When Our Hair Grows From the Root?

Once our hair grows out, it’s dead—so what does trimming our ends do for us in terms of producing fresh lengthy locks? Doesn’t make much sense, does it? While it may seem like we should just focus on the roots and scalp, there actually is a logical reason why we trim our ends for growth.

“Trimming your ends doesn’t promote hair growth, but it aids with length retention,” Jamila Powell, Founder of Naturally Drenched and Owner of Maggie Rose Salon, tells Mane Addicts. “Hair should be consistently cut throughout the year to eliminate split ends, which travel up the hair shaft and cause damage. Regular trimming sessions also make it easier to detangle your hair and eliminate weak ends, which lead to breakage and an overall uneven appearance.”

girl with curly, dry, split ends wears hair down
(via Unsplash)

So, what happens if you leave those ends unattended for too long?

“If you go too long without trimming your ends and you’re someone who suffers from a lot of split ends, you’ll notice your hair typically won’t grow quick or you’ll notice it won’t even grow at all,” celeb hairstylist Sienree Du tells Mane Addicts. “That’s because split ends just keep on splitting! So if you don’t use a product that repairs them or you don’t trim them, they’ll usually just keep on splitting.”

curly-haired woman tugs are her dark strands
(via Unsplash)

Lulu Pierre, Founder of Boho Locs, adds, “While trimming your hair frequently doesn’t actually make your hair grow faster, it will promote the appearance of healthier hair and put you on a fast track for longer locks.”

Bottom line? You definitely want to give your roots and scalp the TLC they deserve—but if you neglect your ends, the benefits from taking care of the rest of your hair won’t pay off!

One of our writers ignored her split ends for 11 months! HERE‘s what happened.

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