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Why I’ve Been Rocking a High Bun for 7 Years

I can’t remember anything I’ve liked for longer than seven years. I say goodbye to my most beloved things right around the one or two-year mark. I’ve gotten rid of fashion, swapped makeup trends, and even switched up my workouts. This is why it’s a miracle that a high bun has been my go-to for seven years and counting. Here’s why.

(Image Source: Rick Bhatia)

I’ve always had a very active life, especially in my early twenties. I worked at a high-paced office and went out (embarrassingly) every single night. I came home after the club closed and woke up at 7 a.m. to hit the gym. It was straight to a 10 to 11-hour work day after the workout. This cycle repeated every single day. My hair was the last thing I was worried about when I was going a million miles per hour.

I quickly realized that I needed a style that would look put-together at the office and great at the bar. I also needed something that could withstand a healthy dose of dry shampoo for the mornings I was rushing to work after the gym. Enter the high bun, the perfect solution to my dilemma.

(Image Source: Priscila Martinez

I started rocking a high bun about seven years ago out of desperation but it quickly became my preferred go-to. I still opt for this type of style, even if I have a few extra minutes in the morning to get ready. My hair is thin and blowdrying makes me look great immediately after. Nevertheless, my hair becomes limp and volumeless a few hours in. A high bun stays put all day and doesn’t require any tools so it’s also perfect for travel. It looks formal enough at the office and it has me ready for happy hour with a bold lip and big earrings. I can confess that I’ve even gone out to get professional blow drys and end up putting my hair in a bun a few minutes after—it just isn’t the same. I love my high bun and will continue rocking it until I find another solution that is just as versatile and good-looking.

If you’re a fan of your beloved bun but want to refresh it a bit, HERE are a handful of ways to breathe new life into the basic bun!

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