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Pros Reveal Why This Cult Favorite Brush Never Leaves Their Kit

Being backstage during fashion week means catching numerous glimpses of Mason Pearson brushes. To the untrained eye, these may look like dark paddle brushes with an orange center. To the hoards of professionals who swear by them, describing them in the aformentioned way would be blasphemy.

(via Mason Pearson)

“Mason Pearson is the original pneumatic cushion hairbrush,” begins Robert J. Sansone, National Sales Director, Harry D. Koenig & Company, Inc., the company that has been the distributor of these brushes since 1950. “Mason Pearson brushes utilize premium quality wild boar bristle and natural rubber…[and] are hand made in England,” he further explains. Since the brush’s invention in London, England in 1885, imitations of the design can be found a dime a dozen. Don’t let the familiar coloring fool you, “The imitations use inexpensive pig bristle and synthetic material for the cushion…The imitations are machine-made, most in Asia,” explains Robert.

Celebrity hairstylist Patrick Alemi has been using the brushes since he started his career in 1991. “I always have about five or six of them. I take different kits for movies, broadway, runway, and print work.” The reasoning behind all those brushes? He puts it simply, “Mason Pearson is the purest brush ever made.” The pro continues, “It can be used on all hair textures and for different finishing work.” He can also attest to the durability of the product, “They last forever. I have Mason Pearson brushes that are 20 years old and work like new.” In order to keep them in good shape, he suggests cleaning and sanitizing regularly.

(via Mason Pearson)

Film and TV hairstylist Dugg Kirkpatrick has been using the brand for over 24 years. “They will forever remain in my kit,” he begins.  “They were suggested during my transition from salon/platform hairstylist to film and television stylist back in the late 1980s. [It was suggested] by a veteran film stylist after she watched one of my shows and noticed trouble I was having with static,” Dugg recalls. “…Because of my niche profession in the entertainment business, these brushes are infallible when touching up on set. The camera sees everything like flyaways 9that show up under the harsh lights), especially now that digital imaging has become the standard in film making,” he concludes.

Aaron Grenia, the co-founder of IGK Hair and IGK Salon, recalls his first brush (no pun intended) with the famed tool, “For me, this brush was this tool that the best hairdressers had, so as soon as I could afford it, I had to have it.”

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