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The Psychological Reason Everyone Is Cutting Their Hair Short

Over the past few years, and in 2022 particularly, we’ve been noticing a trend in regards to haircuts. It seems as though everyone is leaning towards short cuts over longer lengths. We saw the mullet, the wolf cut, and the shag take off during 2020 and 2021. Now, we’re seeing shorter trends like the bixie, mixie, and more rise to the ranks.

We know hair and beauty trends are cyclical, but we felt as though there was something deeper causing people to cut their hair short. Turns out, there is. We spoke with writer and existential psychotherapist Sara Kuburic, who shared the psychological reason behind why everyone is going shorter with their haircuts these days.

Sara shares that there are a number of reasons that can push someone to cut their hair short. One of them being the most obvious, “It’s in vogue so they feel inspired, want to fit in, be relevant, feel trendy, etc.”

Other reasons pertain more to what’s happening in someone’s life at the time. “They need a change in their life or want to feel in control, and this is their form of self-expression,” notes Sara. “Or, they are going through a transition or a crisis; cutting their hair becomes symbolic of a fresh start and letting go of the past.”

As for Sara herself, going shorter was an empowering experience. “For many, short hair feels edgy and empowering. At least, for me, it did. I think the length of hair can often correlate with how we understand or experience ourselves at that moment.”

Again, we’re seeing a number of haircuts trending in 2022 that were popular many years ago. Though Sara feels this shift could just be the trend, she believes there’s more to it than short hair being a fad. “As a society, we are exploring gender, age, beauty, femininity, and masculinity in new ways, and pushing away from traditional/outdated views,” she begins. “Traditionally, long hair (for women) was associated with sensuality, youth, and desirability, while women outside their ‘prime’ (whatever that means) were expected to have short hair. I think the short hair movement could be rooted in newfound confidence for people to express themselves (outside of traditional expectations). It’s a statement of independence and expression of what was once considered a more traditionally ‘masculine’ identity.”

Sara also points out that “short hair comes in and out of style at times of revolution.” Given the massive, global movements we’re seeing for workers’ rights, climate change, Black lives, and LGBTQIA+ rights, this makes sense. We’re in a time of major upheaval, which will hopefully tear down the archaic ways of the world that make way for something new.

Now, before you chop off your strands, Sara has some words of advice. “A haircut, just like anything else we do, should resonate with how we experience ourselves.” Question if the cut you’re going for is right for you before getting a dramatic new ‘do.

“Remember, a haircut probably won’t change your life, but it can be an authentic and empowering act,” emphasizes Sara.

Feeling like you’re ready to join the short haircut revolution? HERE are some of our favorite short haircuts right now!

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