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Why the Internet Is Freaking Out Over This $59.99 Revlon Hair Dryer

When the internet freaks out, I listen. Recently, the web lost its cool about a favorite topic of mine: hair. YouTube racked up thousands of views, Facebook groups went wild, and reviews multiplied like bunnies. I had to take matters into my own hands and investigate why the internet was freaking out over this particular Revlon hairdryer.

(via Revlon)

I got my hands on the Revlon Salon One-Step Hair Dryer and decided to take it for a spin. Revlon’s hairdryer is a revolutionary tool that not only styles but delivers volume and shine in one easy step. Gone are the days where we need to swap tools during hectic mornings. The oval brush is easy to run through hair and not at all heavy. Why mention weight you may ask? Well, clearly you aren’t a person that has been styling their hair since their teens. The initiated know how tired and sore an arm can get when you are passing a circular brush through your mane for the umpteenth time. Revlon, you get one gold star here.

What really takes the cake when using this tool is the frizz-free volume it creates. My hair is limp and frizzy. (I know, great combo- aren’t you jealous?) The dryer magically (and quickly!) swept through my hair, drying it strand by strand. While I don’t recommend starting with dripping-straight-out-of-the-shower hair, it will get the job done quickly with hair that received a rough towel dry.

I used the lower heat setting at the top of my hair to create volume and a higher setting at the ends to style. While we are on the topic of styling, the tool’s shape allows you to fashion hair into frizz-free straight strands or curl to your heart’s content.  I landed somewhere in the middle every morning, trying to achieve a natural look that didn’t scream to my colleagues I had just spent hours in front of a mirror. Which by the way, I didn’t, thanks to this tool. It genuinely reduced my getting-ready time and had me out the door looking better than I did before I had this puppy. I would strongly recommend this $59.99 miracle should you be like me: just a girl, looking for a cute frizz-free curl, that won’t take up my whole morning.

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