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Why Thin-Haired Girls Should Never Skip Washes, According to Pros

I’ve been cursed with thin hair. Not a day goes by that I’m not reminded of the fact that I’m one of those thin-haired girls. I was told by a famous hairstylist many years ago that we should “train” our hair by skipping washes. After polling a few thin-haired girls like myself, I learned this was quite a popular theory.

In hypothesis, the less frequent your washes, the more your hair would collect oil. As oil collected, your scalp would get a message letting it know it was enough. Like magic, it would stop producing oil. Wow was that theory wrong. Here is why thin-haired girls should never skip washes.

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I first learned how flawed the theory was from Lars Skjoth, Harklinikken founder and head of research and development. I gave him a visit after a particularly bad experience with extensions that left my scalp with actual bald spots. I explained my routine to him and he was floored that I was avoiding washes given how thin my hair was.

Dr. Robb, a skincare expert and Clarisonic co-founder seconds Lars’ opinion. “The scalp has sebaceous glands just like the rest of the skin,” Dr. Robb begins. “These are microscopic glands in the skin that secrete natural oils and waxes, known as sebum. Sebum can cause what we deem as ‘oily’ hair, and when it is too much, it can cause clogged pores, preventing the hair follicle to grow as it would normally,” he says. As a result of this, the hair can start to begin to appear even thinner.

Dr. Robb advocates for scalp exfoliation as a way to prevent thin hair from going even thinner. Lars begs his clients for daily washes. For Harklinikken’s treatment to work, patients need to start with a clean scalp.

Hairstylist and educator Sonna Brado also attributes oil to hair loss for thin-haired gals as well. “Oil can definitely be a factor in hair loss. The oil can attract and trap dirt, clogging the pores and inhibiting hair growth,” she attests.

If you are a thin-hair girl, avoid skipping washes and try exfoliating your scalp at least on a weekly basis. You’ll thank us later.

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