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Why This Curly-Haired Expert Thinks the No-Heat Trend of the Pandemic Will Have a Lasting Effect

After finding literally no reason to touch a dryer or hot tool for weeks following social distance orders, we’re not shy in hoping the no-heat trend lasts.

Not only is our hair healthier, we also have more time. To discuss how to embrace the trend and educate ourselves on tips for how to style minus an outlet, we reached out to Monaè Everett, celebrity hairstylist, author, diversity advocate, and public speaker with almost two decades of experience.

Like us, Monaè loves natural hairstyles that don’t require hot tools, which she refers to as a “challenge.” “Avoiding using heat on the hair allows you to avoid the harshness of high temperatures, burns, and dryness,” she explains, noting that there are a ton of beautiful styles that can be created without the use of heat, whether you’re going to the gym, work, or formal events.

Image via Monae Everett

Puffs, pineapples, and braids

Some of her favorite heat-free styles include puffs, which are curly or coily ponytails, and pineapples, which are styles with curls or coils directed to the top of the head toward the face. “My ultimate favorite is braided hairstyles like crown braids, French braids, and cornrows,” says Monaè.

Image via Monae Everett

Change your regimen

If you’re not using heat, take this time to build up your hair care regimen. “When avoiding heat on your curly tresses use this time to build up your hair’s strength. I always recommend deep cleansing pre-poos that remove all product build up, sweat, and dirt from the scalp and strands. This will allow the shampoo and conditioner to be better received by the strands,” she says.

“Make sure to rinse the shampoo and conditioner from the hair thoroughly, this may mean rinsing for a longer time than usual. After the shampoo and conditioner, I recommend a leave-in conditioner and light oil before your styling cream or gel to lock in moisture,” advises Monaè.

Image via Monae Everett

Challenge yourself (and your mane)

Don’t get discouraged when tasked with avoiding a lack of heat, instead view it as a way to expand your style horizons in a healthier way. ‘The no-heat trend is something that should be embraced by everyone, especially with the humidity of summer making its way into our lives. The no-heat trend pushes our creativity in hairstyling,” she notes.

HERE’s how Monaè feels about crimping.

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