Why You Need to Stop Using a Hair Tie ASAP

Last week we solved a hair loss mystery: why your hair seems to fall out after you put a bun down. Turns out consistent tension on the roots over time can cause hairs to fall out and, in extreme cases lead to traction alopecia. Since our investigation, we’re treading lightly on how tight we secure hair ties on snatched ponytails, sleek topknots, and messy buns. Other than for the sake of our strands’ health, there are other reason’s why we’re breaking up with the standard hair tie—and here’s why you should too.

For one, fashun. Scrunchies, graphic barrettes, and clips are all the rage right now thanks to the runway, and why put your mane through mayhem when you can trade in your unreliable hair tie for one of the aforementioned chic accessories? Doing so speeds up your strands’ transition to fall too: think a velvet wrap like this Hepburn Hair Ribbon from Henningsen & Co., glitzy barrette or slicked back bun held together with a claw clip à la Alexander Wang.

Still not sold? Hear us out. Anything your standard hair tie can do a mini bungee cord or ponytail hook can do SO much better. Why? Because unlike a hair tie, these small but mighty mane accessories conform to the exact thickness of your bun, ponytail, or braid. Officially over are the days when wrapping your hair tie around twice was too loose, thrice too tight—or even worse, snapping on you when you need it most. A ponytail hook gives effortless horsepower to any look plus takes the guessing out of how many hair ties required to get the right security for your strands. Try it, we promise you won’t be disappointed—if not for vanity then for your hair and scalp’s health.

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