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Experts Weigh In On Why You Should Be Using a Detangler

Tangles are the bane of my hair experience. It doesn’t matter how great my locks look, if there’s a silent knot creeping around the nape of my neck or forming at my ends, my good hair day goes out the window. As someone who loves my hair long, I have seen my fair share of Mt. Everest-level, brush-breaking knots. Some of my earliest memories of my hair have to do with knots, and even though I’m officially grown, tangles still plague me and are a definite mane mood killer. After hearing my experience, there shouldn’t be the question of why you should use a detangler. But if you’re still curious about how a detangler benefits your strands, allow the experts to explain. Keep reading to discover everything there is to know about the use of hair detanglers!

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Sienree, Celebrity Hairstylist and Groomer

“Detangler brush bristles tend to be a bit more flexible and forgiving to sensitive knots. If you have fine, bleached, or curly hair, a detangler brush can help untangle your locks without over-stretching the hair strand, which can cause massive breakage.”

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Britt Sully, Celeb Hairstylist

“Detanglers add slip, which helps discourage stress and breakage. Bonus: detangling products often offer additional benefits like heat protection, anti-frizz, added shine, etc. Look for the ones that most align with your hair needs/goals!”

Clariss Rubenstein, Celeb Hairstylist

“Using a detangler is absolutely an essential step in haircare. Detanglers help eliminate a huge amount of breakage and damage while also evening out the porosity of the hair, so your wet products go on more evenly. There’s one for every hair type, so don’t worry that adding this additional step will amount to too much product.”

Shelley Gregory, Educator and Stylist

“I like to think of a detangler as my primer for hair. I tell all my clients to look at it like they would be doing their make-up—you would not want to put on your other products before you prime your skin, so always use your detangler to start before you layer anything else on top for styling. I also think it’s important to use a detangler when your hair is wet out of the shower as a protectant for when you go to brush your hair. Your hair is the most delicate and easy to break when it is wet, so the detangler protects and assists your brush to get all the knots out. What I love now is there are so many detangling products that have many benefits. I like to use one that kind of does everything, not only detangle the hair but also protect it from heat, UV rays, smoothing and moisturizing.”

Sarah Potempa, Celebrity Stylist and Beachwaver Founder

“Hair cuticles are like shingles on a roof: Hot water in the shower opens the shingles up and exposes to them to be damaged; Using a rough towel to dry hair out of the shower then exposes the cuticle to more damage, causing the shingles to cross paths, and the strands and cuticles get tangled; If you take a brush to tangled hair and trying combing through without a detangler, there is more potential for damage and breaking/tearing of the hair. So, a detangler is a great way to move quickly through your hair routine, as it provides protection to the stands to efficiently get you to the point of a blow-dry + styling with the Beachwaver!”

Ramon Garcia, Hair Artist and Content Creator

“Detangling is the base for me in terms of ‘pillars of haircare.’ Detangling, especially for us with more of textured hair, can be a pain, bringing us back to memories of being a kid and of that brush that haunts us all. The Bio-ionics Graphene MX Styling Paddle is the perfect detaining tool because it helps eliminate all knots of any size.”

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