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Why I Decided to Start Using Leave-In Conditioner on My Chemically-Treated Hair During Quarantine

There are a handful of activities I would’ve never vouched for before quarantine: baking bread, at-home workouts and applying leave-in conditioner.

Don’t get me wrong, the idea of doing all of those activities on the regular seems productive, but it never seemed practical. For example, leave-in conditioner was a concept that always appealed to me. Nevertheless, every time I tried leave-in conditioner the results were crunchy hair with no bounce. Brands have been perfecting their formulas recently and have upped the bar when it comes to leave-in conditioner. Here is why I took a chance on leave-in conditioner during quarantine and now can’t imagine going without it.

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Quarantine was the perfect excuse to let my tired tresses take a break from the abuse they had received all year. Hot rollers, scorching straightening irons and a plethora of other offenses come to mind. After letting my hair relax for a few weeks, I decided to kick it a up a notch with my self-care. I wanted to add a conditioning element to my beauty routine that wouldn’t take hours to perform and that didn’t cost an arm and a leg. Enter my idea to seek out the perfect leave-in conditioner.

Shab Reslan, a Hair Health Expert at HairClub agrees with me. “Leave-in conditioners are designed to be more light-weight. [They] offer a great protective layer for your hair,” she beings. “It’s the perfect product to spray on your hair during quarantine,” Shab asserts. I followed her advice and continued my search for the perfect product. I decided to try something without ingredients that could be counterproductive. Shab provided advice on this front as well, “Certain ingredients like silicones and heavy oils can begin to dry on the cuticle and scalp and become impossible to wash out.” She also explained that I should steer away from the temptation of using regular conditioner on my strands as a leave-in. “A common mishap is when people leave the wrong kind of product in their hair such as a conditioner or a mask beyond the average recommended time of 3-5 mins,” she explained. Heavier ingredients could actually cause more damage and dry your hair in the long run.

Formulas that fit the bill included Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner: $26.00. This lightweight formula is perfect for all hair types. It helps to detangle while it captures moisture. Emollient oils, herbs and essences give the formula its beautiful scent. They creators included a touch of bee-friendly honey to give your mane body and bounce.

Innersense Sweet Spirit Leave in Conditioner: $26

If you are looking for a side of tropical paradise along with your leave-in, Playa Monoi Milk Leave-in Conditioner: $24.00. This light-as-air formula won’t leave behind a crunch or frizzy hair in sight. The formula is made to penetrate the shaft and tame frizz while helping heal past damage.

Hairclub Maxxam Nutrient Maximizer: $16.00 uses silk amino acids and antioxidants to stop breakage and repair damage. It was formulated for all hair types to also help prevent split ends and to restore shine.

Playing around with leave-in conditioner during quarantine left my chemically treated hair more manageable than ever. Adding it to my routine wasn’t daunting and I will continue using this type of product event after quarantine lifts. My chemically treated hair has never felt better.

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Now that you know what leave-in conditioner is a good idea during quarantine, HERE is the only issue you should legitimately care about during this time.

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