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The Top Wig Trends of 2022

New year, new you, new wig. We tapped three experts on top of the hair game for their take on the hottest wig trends of 2022 to keep your hair protected while you experiment, grow it out, and live your best life. See which wig styles will be everywhere this new year below!

360-Degree Wig Ponytails

“The top wig trends of 2022 are 360-degree wig ponytails. These wigs have lace all the way around the hairline so that it can be pulled up into a ponytail,” says celebrity hairstylist, author, and public speaker Monaé Everett. We always love a good ponytail.

Natural Drama

“Also, the naturally coily hair textures are taking the celebrities and beauty trendsetters by storm. This is the year of wearing wigs to look like a more dramatic version of yourself. Many women are opting for kinky straight textures of hair that more closely resemble type 4 hair after it has been blow-dried straight. This texture blends better with naturally curly hair textures than more traditional straight and wavy textures,” shares Monaé.

Luckily, getting this look is easy with any wig of your choosing. “To create these looks, you’ll need the Moisture Miracle Edge Styling Wax to lay the hairline of the wig and help it to look more natural. The appearance of baby hair along the hairline of the wig makes it look more natural,” she adds.

Textured Lace Closure and Natural Wavy Lace Frontal Wigs

According to LeAna McKnight, celebrity hairstylist and founder of SL Raw Virgin Hair, the top 2022 wig trends are going to be the textured lace closure wig and the natural wavy lace frontal wig units.”

She adds that “SL Raw Virgin Hair offers both wigs types as they provide volume and manageability to create a variety of hairstyles based on the wearer’s preference. Two wig looks that we can expect to see trending this year are the tousled body wave style and the flirty half-up and half-down hairstyle.” Both looks can be achieved on any hair type using a 1-inch barrel iron, heat protectant, mild holding spray, and a hair tie. “Try products like Sebastian or Oribe for your heat protect and holding spray,” she continues.

Tousled Body Wave

“For the tousled body wave style, you’ll need to get your curling iron set between 375 Fahrenheit and 395 Fahrenheit. Then, get your comb and your favorite heat protectant spray. Start by taking a small section starting from the bottom nape, mist your heat protectant spray and begin curling your hair away from your face, and let the iron sit for five seconds, and release. Hold the curl for another five seconds or until hair is cool and repeat this step throughout the entire head,” notes LeAna.

Half-Up Half-Down

“For the flirty half-up and half-down hairstyle, you will need a hair tie, 1-inch curling iron, boars bristle brush, heat protectant, and holding spray. Set your iron to 375 Fahrenheit or 390 Fahrenheit. Begin by separating your hair into two parts, securing the top half of your hair with a hair tie. Be sure to smooth hair with a boars bristle brush for a neat ponytail. Mist hair with a heat protectant of your choice and begin curling your hair with your 1-inch barrel. Start curling your hair starting from the back, in the bottom nape curl hair towards the face, hold for five seconds and release iron,” LeAna says.

Versatile Human Hair Clip-Ins

“One of the major benefits of human hair clip-ins is that you can style and customize them to bring a ton of versatility to your natural hair. These Yaki Straight Clip-Ins can truly do it all! Clip-ins are extremely easy to DIY at home and can even be styled before they’re installed. Wear them naturally smooth for a pressed-out look or wand curl and set them to turn up the texture, like in this transformation,” says Brittany Johnson, licensed hairstylist and senior content manager for Mayvenn.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

The Evolution of Ponytails

“Ponytails have been around for decades, whether it’s the original drawstring version or a sleek style created from your favorite bundle set. To recreate this luxurious Body Wave look, use our Brazilian Body Wave bundles in 28” and attach the bundles to your natural hair after it’s been slicked and styled back. Play up your hairline as much as you’d like, add an accessory or two, and you’re good to go,” Brittany adds.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

Naturally-Inspired Protective Styles

“The beauty of natural hair continues to reign supreme, and protective styles that enhance it are more popular than ever. Recreate this look by using Kinky Straight bundles that blend seamlessly with the texture of a natural blowout. This leave-out install style is low on maintenance but high on impact,” continues Brittany.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

Accessorized Headband Wigs

“This isn’t your old-school headband wig! Use fun accessories to play up your headband and dress it up or down. Use beads and gems for holiday parties like this Straight look, or throw on one of our five complimentary headbands in your favorite neutral hues for an everyday grab and go,” she shares.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

The Classic Middle-Part

“Middle parts are timeless and complement a variety of face shapes and hair types. Tucking a middle part style behind your ears not only shows off your beautiful features but also limits the amount of necessary styling time.” Brittany says you can “recreate this classic look with Straight bundles in any of the popular length combinations.”

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

Up Close & Personal With HD Wigs

“Transparency is great for relationships but even better for hairlines. HD Lace Wigs come complete with thinner lace material, meaning that it’s easier to blend your hairline and create a completely customized look. Play up Loose Wave’s texture with your stylist or at home by creating beachy waves with a big barrel curling iron or wand. Don’t forget the heat protectant,” urges Brittany.

(Photo courtesy of Mayvenn)

Don’t want to go through the trouble of installing a lace front wig? THESE five headband wigs are here to save the day!

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