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Wigging Out for Marc Jacobs

Did anyone else see the wigs during the Marc Jacobs NYFW finale show?  We’re oogling and awwing over the funky texture and statement color.  A collaboration between Marc and longtime hairstylist pal, Guido Palau, the wigs were conceived to reminisce a ‘cartoon-esque’ jet black Joey Ramones, 70’s feel.  Thanks to New York Magazine for featuring all the details from colorist Larry Raspanti [of Whittemore House Salon] about what went into the inky hue.

Marc Jacobs wasn’t the only designer to channel 70’s flair for his show.  We also saw shag cuts strutting down the catwalks of Anna Sui (by Garren of R+Co) and Rodarte (by Odile).

Thinking of trying an eyebrow grazing bang yourself?  We’re all for it!  Click over to see what face shapes this style suits best.

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