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7 Women to Watch in the Beauty Industry Right Now

Happy International Women’s Day! Let’s give a round of applause to all the brilliant women working to make the beauty industry a better place.

It might sound a little shocking, but the beauty industry is still a male-dominated space. A majority of C-suite positions at large well-known beauty brands are still held by men. But the culture is starting to shift, especially in the haircare space. Highly innovative, women-owned brands are carving out a significant market share. With female founders at the helm, brands like Ceremonia and Ouai are changing the way we think about beauty and the products we purchase.

This International Women’s Day, we’re spotlighting seven women to watch in the beauty industry right now.

1. Fiona Stewart

Your favorite pillow case and hair accessory brand is, in fact, female founded. Slip‘s gorgeous silk products are absolutely innovating the hair health and beauty space, with high-end accessories and accoutrements meant to enhance the sleep experience and eliminate wear and tear on your tresses.

2. Dafina Smith

We can go on and on about this female founder. The Covet & Mane mastermind has already revolutionized the hair extension industry with her brand’s focus on education and signature cut-point weft design.

3. Babba Rivera

Forbes 30 under 30 alum Babba Rivera held high-ranking positions at Uber and Away before founding her landmark haircare brand Ceremonia. So it’s safe to say she’s a bona fide entrepreneurial superstar. Ceremonia has quickly become one of our favorite emergent companies, focusing on natural, sustainable beauty for all hair types.


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4. Jen Atkin

Celebrity stylist and Ouai founder Jen Atkin is more than an innovator, she’s an icon. Dominating the digital space and revolutionizing haircare with a multi-use approach to her products, Atkin continues to push the beauty industry to new bounds.

5. Shelby Wild

Shelby Wild founded Playa in 2017. In just five short years, the brand has already made a major impact in the clean beauty space. With simple, chic packaging and paired-down, toxin-free ingredients, Playa Beauty and founder Shelby Wild are definitely ones to watch.


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6. Maeva Heim

Bread Beauty Supply founder Maeva Heim is bringing essential haircare to tresses of all types and textures. This female founder is filling a glaring gap in the beauty industry, simplifying natural hair routines with easy-to-use, quality products.


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7. JuE Wong

President and CEO of Olaplex JuE Wong has almost single-handedly grown this science-driven brand into a global bond-building superpower. With a resume that includes officer positions at Elizabeth Arden and Morrocanoil, JuE Wong is undoubtedly one of the most impressive and important voices in beauty today.


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