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These Women Gorgeously Grew Out Their Grays—and Will Inspire You to Do the Same

Embracing the silver strands that appear on our heads from age or stress isn’t easy, but these women who grew out their grays are here to inspire you to do just that. From actresses and stylists to everyday women, these ladies prove you can be a silver fox at any age, so long as you let the grays fly. Seeing their stunning tresses will remind you it’s okay to go gray!

Stacy London

Stylist Stacy London hasn’t been shy about her gray hairs for years. We remember watching What Not to Wear and wanting to have gorgeous gray tresses just like Stacy. Even today, she doesn’t hide her silver strands from anyone. For that, we applaud her.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict

Since quarantine began, actress Tia Mowry-Hardrict has noticed some grays popping through. Still, she isn’t going to let them rain on her parade. Though it may be because taking a trip to the hair salon isn’t allowed during these times, we believe she’s letting them shine because she’s learned to love them.

Sarah Silverman

Similar to Tia, comedian Sarah Silverman has seen her grays make quite the appearance while in quarantine. Considering “silver” is in her name, we’d say she was meant to rock the color. We hope she continues to let them grow post-isolation.

Marina Diamandis

Singer Marina Diamandis has been sharing her struggles with accepting her gray roots on Instagram. And honestly, it has been so inspiring. She admitted she has been getting gray hairs since she was 15 years old and thus dying her locks at a very young age. Now, she’s ready to be a silver fox and we’re here for it.

Diane Keaton

Actress Diane Keaton has been our idol for years now. From her artistry to her fashion sense, everything about her is practically perfect in every way. We feel that way about her gray strands, too.

Jane Fonda

Actress Jane Fonda dyed her hair gray, rather than growing it out, but we’ll give it a pass. It’s Jane freaking Fonda, after all. She wasn’t going to let one gray ruin her day, so she dyed her entire head the silver hue.

Ty Alexander

Author Ty Alexander has been loving her grays for years now. She even started a blog titled Gorgeous in Grey, though she has since changed it. With that being said, she still fully flaunts her silver strands all over Instagram.

Sarah Harris

British Vogue deputy editor and fashion features director Sarah Harris began going gray in her teens. It took her some time to embrace her long, gray locks, but now she has made it quite the fashion statement. Orange isn’t the new black, it’s gray.

Liz Kamarul

Designer and stylist Liz Kamarul decided to naturally grow out her grays after silver became a trendy color. Now, she wouldn’t have it any other way. Life gets a little easier when you learn to embrace the grays.

The Women of @grombre

Apart from these lovely ladies, there are a ton of other women who have embraced their gray hair and shared their experiences on Instagram. The account @grombre has featured many of them. From all different backgrounds, the women on this page prove one thing—everyone looks good in gray.

Still not entirely sold on letting your grays grow? HERE’S how to cover them while in quarantine.

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