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5 Hairstyles for a Super Chic Workout

It’s no news that the line between ready-to-wear fashion and athletic apparel has become seriously blurred. In fact, with Nike’s on the feet of most major magazine editors, designers, and models, and collaborations like Kanye West for Adidas and Gisele Bundchen for Under Armour, it seems the line may have disappeared altogether. But, before you hit the gym to sweat your way into swimsuit season, you’ll need a hair style both as chic as your Luon leggings and as reliable your wide-strap full support sports bra.

Here’s our round-up of 5 of model-worthy hair styles for your next workout…


Tucking all of your hair into a tight bun is great for any workout that involves leaning, stretching, and anything upside down or of course, for ballet. And although a bun is Parisian chic on it’s own, it also won’t crimp your hair if you plan to let it down later.


Brush your hair back and secure with a strong elastic (see here) for a look that will last through even the most high-impact workouts like boxing, and running and at the same time, keep you looking high-fashion.


Great for thick hair, double braids require a little extra work before hand but pay off in the long run. You’ll bring a bad-ass attitude into the gym and keep the sweat from dirtying the majority of your hair. Win-win.


headband workout hair

Make a bold color statement and keep your hair out of your face completely with a stylish fitness-friendly headband. Color-coordinators and accessorizers, rejoice.


single braid workout hair

A popular choice for many women is to (quickly) pull your hair into a single, loose braid. It’s a classic look for tennis or golf and great for classes like barre, yoga and pilates. No harsh crimping, no forehead pulling, no style sacrifice.

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