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The World’s First 100% Plastic-Free Biodegradable Cl Hair Glitter

Festival-goers rejoice! Space bun wearers, can I get an amen? For the first time, you can now wear glitter in your hair without any of the guilt. The world’s first clean glitter brand, Today Glitter, launched a 100% plastic-free, biodegradable glitter variety that you can use for your next lewk.

(via Today Glitter)

Today Glitter’s mission is to get rid of plastic in your face and hair, while making you shine like a star. To give you a bit of background, traditional glitter is made up of microplastics. These extremely small particles of plastic make their way into the ocean and end up harming all of marine life. The glitter problem is so bad, scientists are now studying what these microplastics are doing to human skin. Anybody who has used traditional glitter will also have first-hand accounts about how impossible it is to clean and get rid off.

The world’s first biodegradable, cosmetic-grade glitter brand allows you to get your glitter fix guilt-free. The main ingredient is eucalyptus cellulose core. This formula is less harsh and easier to blend. The application is smooth and softer on your skin or scalp. After you are done playing with glitter, the eco-friendly formula biodegrades in as little as 30 days. The product is available in four “glittersizes” that can range from large, noticeable specks to dust-like powder. You can mix and match sizes for your next festival look and also pick from a variety of colors.  

(via Today Glitter)

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