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5 Celeb Hairstylists Talk About Their Worst Childhood Haircut

Have you ever looked back at pictures from your childhood and asked your parents what they were thinking letting you walk around with that horrible hairstyle? Sure you have, we ALL have–including some of your favorite celebrity hairstylists. That’s right, even some of the biggest names in the hair industry have had their fair share of embarrassing haircuts. From bad perms to gum-induced haircuts, keep reading to find out the worst celebrity hairstylist haircuts!

Jen Atkin

Our Editor-in-Chief and resident Mane Master, Jen Atkin, (@jenatkinhair) has perhaps one of the most impressive lists of celebrity clientele, yet she too managed to have a few hair “wtf” moments during her childhood days. Four words: butterfly clips and bad bangs.

Jen Atkin worst celebrity hairstylist haircut
via Jen Atkin
Jen Atkin worst celebrity hairstylist haircut
via Jen Atkin

Danielle Priano

Danielle Priano (@daniellepriano) is the celebrity hairstylist behind some of your favorite manes like Selena Gomez‘s, Demi Lovato’s and Ashley Graham‘s, along with a slew of Victoria’s Secret’s angels. The stylist comes from a family of Mane Masters as her uncles are Thom Priano and Garren, celebrity hairstylists and founders of cool-girl hair brand R+Co, whom she thanks for one of her worst childhood haircuts…

“[Here] is my hair before, and then as time went on they made me have shorter and shorter red hair. My name is Danielle and everyone called me Danny because of my boy cut. Thanks, uncles. I don’t remember who cut it – either Garren or Thom.”

Below are Danielle’s before and after pictures.

Danielle Lipriano, worst celebrity hairstylists haircuts
via Danielle Lipriano
Danielle Lipriano, worst celebrity hairstylists haircuts
via Danielle Lipriano

Sarah Adams

Editorial, runway and celeb hairstylist and groomer Sarah Adams (@sarahadamshair) recalls a crazy experience she had with a perm as a child…

“In 1989 [my] mom thought a perm would solve all of my wispy, fine hair problems, right? Wrong. The chemicals were so strong that half of my hair fell out on the rods!” Says the stylist. “The result? A perm-mullet minus a few patches here and there.”

Sarah Adams, Worst Celebrity Hairstylist Haircuts
via Sarah Adams

Cassondra Kaeding

Celebrity hair colorist Cassondra Kaeding is known for creating beautiful balayage on some of the world’s most stunning women–read: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rooney Mara, and Olivia Munn.  Cass remembers a dark time during her childhood where her mom punished her via an insanely androgynous boy cut.

“My mom said that if I didn’t brush my hair she’d give me a haircut that I didn’t need a brush for. Obviously, I didn’t brush my hair and she took matters into her own hands, or should I say shears?”

Cassondra Kaeding

Netty Jordan

Editorial and celebrity stylist and groomer Netty Jordan  (@nettyjordan) is the woman responsible for continuously slaying celebrity manes like Lala Anthony‘s, Ciara’s and Zara Larsson’s. The mane master recalls her worst childhood haircut that happened as a result of her sister sticking gum in her hair…

“Growing up, my older sister loved to torment and play pranks on me. One day she decided it was a good idea to put her chewed-up Doublemint Spearmint gum into my hair. Having super fine, soft hair and a mass of sticky gum did not go well! My mom had to wash my hair in peanut butter for hours, I can still remember the smell of mint and peanuts like it was yesterday. Of course, not much of the gum came out and [my] mom ended up having to bring me to Supercuts where I got a ’90’s feathered cut with bangs – so chic for so young!”

Netty Jordan worst celebrity hairstylist haircuts
via Netty Jordan

Owen Gould

Stylist Owen Gould (@owengould) has had celebs like Chrissy Teigen, Bella Hadid and Susan Sarandon in his chair and still, he too has been a victim of horrible childhood haircuts…

“My mom used to cut my hair into what can only be described as a Dorothy Hamill-type wedge. That, combined with my affinity for pink tutus made me quite the androgynous looking little boy.”

Owen Gould, worst celebrity hairstylist haircuts
via Owen Gould

 Do these worst celebrity hairstylist haircuts have you feeling nostalgic for your adolescence? If so, check out the best hairstyles from our favorite ’90’s teen angst movies here.

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