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5 Oils You Should NEVER Apply to Your Strands

Here at Mane Addicts, we love discussing the best products to buy for your hair.

But just as there are things worth using, there are also ingredients and products you should avoid. We’re here to talk about the latter, specifically in terms of the worst oils for hair. We strongly believe everyone needs a good hair oil in their haircare routine, but there are a handful that will do more harm than good.

Scroll below to discover the five oils you should never apply to your strands!

1. Mineral Oil

Mineral oil is often disguised as petroleum, white petroleum, paraffin, liquid paraffin, liquid petrolatum, and paraffin wax. The ingredient is particularly bad at causing excess buildup on the strands and scalp. This will weigh down your locks, leaving them rather dull and flat. Before you purchase your next hair product, be sure it doesn’t have this oil in it.


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2. Lemon Oil

Some people swear by putting lemon in their hair to lighten and brighten it. But there are plenty of dermatologists who do not recommend using the fruit on your strands. One major reason is due to its acidity, which causes the hair shaft to shrink. If you already struggle with thinning tresses, you’ll absolutely want to avoid lemon oil. It will make your hair look even thinner, lifeless, dry, and brittle.


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3. Olive Oil

Olive oil tends to be very beneficial for the hair shaft. Though those with fine or straight hair may notice it will weigh down your locks and even make them look greasy. Additionally, it can be comedogenic. This means it tends to clog pores and create acne. So if you tend to experience acne, you’ll absolutely want to avoid this oil.


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4. Camphor Oil

This is yet another oil many claim works to increase hair growth and prevent hair loss. Again, there isn’t much evidence to support this. Others use camphor oil to treat acne, rashes, and even fungal infections. Still, the oil can cause more harm than good, as it tends to be a bit harsh on the skin.


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5. Castor Oil

There are plenty of people who swear by castor oil for hair growth, though dermatologists warn there really isn’t much evidence to support these claims. While it can help, there are plenty of risks that come along with using the oil on the strands. Acute hair felting is one of them. This will leave the hair on your scalp matted and entangled.


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