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This ACV Shampoo is Bringing in $1 Million in Sales Per Month

Have you ever bought shampoo on Amazon? Neither have we. We actually never considered buying hair products from the e-commerce giant until we read this WWD article. Why? Apple cider vinegar (ACV) Shampoo and Conditioner from a brand called Wow Skin Science is bringing in $1 million in sales per month, according to WWD. 

With 1,022 reviews and 3.5 stars, the Shampoo and Conditioner Set, made with apple cider vinegar, coconut, and avocado, is “infused with botanicals” and promises “to clarify and rebuild [without] harsh and harmful chemical sulfates, parabens, or silicones and can deliver salon-level results at home in weeks.” Like any product, it garnered good and bad reviews. One person wrote, “If you have frizzy, thin fine hair this product works and [is] remarkable. I wash my hair every 2 days and it stays like I flat ironed it that day.” We all know getting frizz under control is the surefire way to snag glass hair.

At $30 a bottle for shampoo and conditioner, it beats burning a hole in our pockets for high-priced luxe shampoos, plus its formulas are vegan—a major bonus in our book. But the biggest selling point of Wow Shampoo is the fact that it contains apple cider vinegar, superstar ingredient of healthy hair and scalp. Apple cider vinegar has long been touted for unclogging hair follicles (a major source of hair loss), balancing scalp pH levels, treating dandruff and the list goes on. Coupled with nourishing ingredients like apple cider vinegar and jojoba oil, Wow’s huge sales on Amazon make it a top contender for online shampoo shopping. The question is: Would you try it?  

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