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Here’s What Happened When I Tried the World’s First Anti-Static Hair Brush

I’ve tried every oil and cream—nothing keeps those flyaways at bay. The top of my head always looks frizzy, and I’ve just grown to accept that it is what it is.

But when a rep for ForBabs’ X-Static Hairbrush reached out about reviewing a product that promises to tame the mane, it obviously piqued my interest.

When my brush arrived, it was pretty basic looking. No fancy frills or heavy-duty materials. For $39.95, I guess I expected something heavier, but also, that really has nothing to do with my point in trying it.

My brush came with innovative fabric layers coated with a conditioning formula that smoothes static and frizzy hair. The material is placed between the bristles and can be very easily removed by popping open the frame of the brush. I also received refills.

My hair was dry (but the brush can be used on wet hair also), and I was shocked to find that after just a couple of brushes, the frizz disappeared. It wasn’t some big process. A few brushes and I was able to go on with my day. And as evidenced below, no frizziness to be seen!

ForBabs X-Static Hair Brush: $39.95

(via ForBabs)

And, with more use over time, the follicle-smoothing formula transforms dull, frizzy hair with added shine. It’s pretty remarkable that it requires no batteries, heat, or an intensive process. While I don’t think this was designed to fill in for the standard brush you’ve been using all along, I’d absolutely recommend it for the purpose it serves (as an accompaniment)… unless you have perfect hair—and in that case, I have a problem with you!

Now that you’ve got the secret to static-free hair, click HERE to learn the secrets to French girl hair.

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