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This Is How You Create a Yarn-Woven Mane Masterpiece

From glitzy barrettes to glittery baubles, we’re all about adding a little pop and pizzaz to our manes when we can.

While we love a good padded headband or a blinged-out claw clip, 2020’s most understated accessory is simpler than you might imagine. We’re talking about yarn. From string-spun braids to woven sculptural strands, this common crafting product makes for an eye-catching addition to any updo- and expert stylists agree. Mane Masters from all over the globe are taking on the woven hair aesthetic in a major way.

That’s why we sat down with Jamal Edmonds, Mizani hair artist and the owner of Lamaj in the City, to breakdown his unique take on the terrific trend. Read on for a breakdown of Jamal’s yarn-woven looks.

The Inspiration

“My Inspiration behind the look was to find fabric that was I was easily able to incorporate into textured hair” Edmonds says, “I wanted to create a really cool silhouette and also use it to add a pop of color.” When it comes to incorporating color, yarn is the ideal accessory- in part because of it’s unique composition. “The texture of the yarn resembled hair enough but was able to be molded and sculpted into the intricate style that I desired” Edmonds explains.

The Prep

Behind every great look is a few powerful products. To create this look, Edmonds relied on Mizani Humidity Resistant Mist Spray. “I love using it because it’s a workable spray with light hold” Edmonds says, “I’m able to brush the style out and re style as needed.” We’re adding this mega mist to cart ASAP.

The Look

“I created a part behind the ear across the crown of the head” Edmonds begins “I braided the bottom half down and added 3 bag of clip in extensions.” After this initial step comes the yarn. “In the front I parted a triangle part using a center part, I then created a cornrow with the yarn” Edmonds continues, “after that I took a crochet hook and fed the yarn from one side to the next.” With the finer details out of the way, Edmonds worked on creating the perfect shaped afro to top the look off.


While a high fashion hair moment might not be in your at-home styling repertoire, you can definitely still incorporate yarn into your everyday aesthetic on a smaller scale. “You can add yarn or string Into your everyday style with braids, cornrows and faux locs” Edmonds explains, “adding yarn or string to your har will definitely make a statement and it’s perfect for the festival season.” 

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