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Un-Boring Wedding Guest Hair

Un Boring Wedding Guest Hair

Have you been to a wedding (or 5) this summer? Same, and I’m tired of trying to figure out what to do with my hair. I need a look that’s classy and flattering AND will last the whole night. Nowaways, with snapchat in addition to lingering professional photographers and videographers, you never know when you’ll be caught dancing, drinking, or eating cake.

Here are 5 un-boring wedding guest hair styles that will stay put and look good.


Hair Accesories Ponytail Wedding

Hair accessories can add instant jazz to an other wise boring do. I love this ponytail clip because ponytails are my bff when it comes to hot, packed dance floors.


Bubble Ponytail hair wedding

Ditto what I said about ponytails above, but add personality and fun. This look is great for a re-worn dress or something simple like a romper. Get creative!


Low Bun Cross Wedding

This simple, yet careful cross-bun worn low is a great choice if you’re playing with a strong makeup look. It’s easy to do and with a little extra product, will hold until dawn if you need it too.

Pro-Tip: Low Buns, or buns in general are great with high neck dresses.


Mohawk Knot Braid

This look is the definition of un-boring and a great way to incorporate braids without being too boho. OUAI Haircare has a great video tutorial for this style – check it out!


Fro Natural Hair Curls Wedding

It’s a wedding and you’ve been invited because the bride and groom want YOU there on their big day. If you have natural curls, be yourself! Bumble and Bumble has a great video about styling different curl types for maximum definition and impact, check it out here. 

Share your summer 16 un-boring wedding guest style with us using the hashtag #maneaddicts!

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