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The 5 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Pull Off the Best Hair on Halloween

As we’ve mentioned before, it doesn’t take a ton of effort to pull off a killer (no pun intended) Halloween hair costume. But some people are more likely to go all out than others.

Depending on when you’re born, you may be more prone by nature to put a little more effort into your locks—especially on Halloween. While for some, a wig will do, for others, the effort doesn’t stop there.

Keep reading for the five zodiac signs most likely to pull off the best hair on Halloween.


Whether it’s their hair or otherwise, an Aries refuses to go about things quietly. While indeed the busiest sign of the zodiac, they’ll always make time to stand out in a crowd. You can expect to see the fiery sign rocking a bright red ‘do to match their personality, or perhaps something totally unexpected. Either way, they’ll pull it off effortlessly, and steal the thunder from everyone else in the process.


Whether Leo rocks a pre-styled wig, coifs their own hair to perfection, or goes to town on temporary hair color, they’ll do it big and do it right. The Lion loves Halloween more than just about anyone, as it’s the one time of year they can wear whatever they want and get away with it. Leos are used to being the center of attention on any given day, so you can only imagine what this means on All Hallows’ Eve.


Libras are artistic lovers of beauty, which is a perfect combo for anyone rocking a Halloween hair costume. They’ll spare no expense or amount of sleep to step out with a mane that speaks to the universe (err… social media). While the balanced sign is far more likely to rock a long, luscious, solid-colored wig as opposed a purple pixie, they’ll wear it to perfection either way.


Colorful and creative, a Pisces hair is ever-changing (on Halloween and beyond). On Oct. 31 especially, there are no limits to what this imaginative sign may do. Will it be a bright blue bob? A multicolored mane? No matter the decision, it will be bold and beautiful.


Aquarians are the biggest outside-of-the-box thinkers of the zodiac, so we can only imagine how they’ll outdo everyone else’s Halloween hair costume. They also don’t care about what anyone else thinks, so you can expect them to stand out on the big day, whether on purpose or simply because its their inherent nature.

If you’re planning to make your mane the focus of Oct. 31 this year, HERE are 7 Halloween hair costumes that’ll get you plenty of attention!

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