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These 4 Zodiac Signs Are Freaking Out the Most About Their Hair During Quarantine

The massive coronavirus has taken a major toll on literally everyone.

Whether it’s health, job or social life-related, not a soul is exempt from major changes due to this pandemic. But while most are locked away in quarantine, fearing for their life or career, there are always those who focus on, well, the other stuff.

curly-haired woman tugs are her dark strands
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With everyone banned from nail salons, med spas and even our beloved hair salons, some are handling the situation with grace, while others are yanking at their (grey) hairs in distress. I mean, how are we all expected to go on not liking what we see in the mirror?

Keep reading for the four zodiac signs freaking out most about their hair during quarantine.


Aries, you’re always on the go—so much so that you don’t have the time to notice a stray grey, a brassy strand or the major need for a haircut. With the universe essentially coming to a halt, your crazed schedule has followed suit, therefore impairing your ability to occasionally blow things off—your hair upkeep being one of them. Now that you’re finally taking the time, you’re going slightly mad, and we don’t blame you. You’re the queen of bold statements, and grey roots isn’t what you had in mind! Keep your cool, fiery Aries—you’re not the only one in town who needs a hair appointment stat.



Lioness Leo, you’re nothing if not the ultimate hair queen. Your peers praise you for your vibrant, bouncy locks, and your ability to never leave the house with a hair out of place. The staff at Drybar basically has reserved seating for you around the clock. You’re just that awesome—well, until now. The thought of pulling the old blow drier out of the dusty cabinet gives you chills. Do you even know how to properly use a brush? It looks like your fire sign is about to have quite the uncharacteristically humbling couple of months. It’s time to make those YouTube tutorials your BFF, babe!


In the grand scheme of things, you’re a simple, fairly low-maintenance sign, Virgo. You save the Drybar visits for big events, and your neutral highlights don’t require much upkeep. That said, you are the perfectionist of the zodiac—so while you don’t need lavish and extravagant, you refuse to look unkempt. Your greys are always covered, your split ends are always manicured. Your hair is currently swimming in a pool of uncertainty, and you’re not one for surprises. Just wait it out in the meantime and accessorize those locks for a fun effect.


As the sign with the finest taste, the thought of having to kiss those Keratins and deep hair treatments goodbye makes you cringe, poor Taurus. You’re used to being pampered by the finest, so pulling out the DIY stops is a slight (okay, major) detour from the luxe life you once knew. That said, you’re an incredibly resourceful, logical sign, so even though indeed the struggle is real, you’ll ultimately stay afloat like the persistent champ you are.

Speaking of bad hair days, it’s safe to say THESE Gossip Girl babes never had one!

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