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The 4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Complain About a New Haircut

Everyone reacts to a new ‘do differently. Some people do the exact same thing each time and therefore think nothing of it; others obsess over their fresh look and rush to post it on the ‘gram. And others always have something nitpicky to say. Keep reading for the four zodiac signs most likely to complain about their haircut.

1. Aries

Bold, expressive Aries, you are not one to hold back. Not only do you like things your way or the highway, but you have absolutely no problem voicing your opinions. Should your hair look even a smidge “off,” you’re the first to make it known.

2. Leo

It’s your world, we just live in it—ain’t that the truth, Leo? Because you exist under the notion that the universe revolves around you, of course you’ll complain about your hair… or really anything for that matter. As the sign most consumed with attention and looks, you want all eyes on you at all times, but not for the wrong reasons. If your haircut isn’t perfect, beware, for the lion will roar.

3. Capricorn

Unlike your nitpicky counterpart Virgo, your judgment is much more on other people, Cap. While indeed also a perfectionist yourself, you’re immediate to point out the flaws of those around you… and your poor hairdresser is no exception. Usually, it’s all in your head, but without fail, you always find something wrong with their meticulous work. It’s okay, we’ve all come to accept that’s just who you are.

4. Sagittarius

Ah, Sag. For better or worse, we’ll always get an earful from you, the sign with diarrhea of the mouth. While you may even really like your haircut, the process that takes your mind to that realization will be out there for everyone to know. So, while the end result may be good, we’ll definitely hear some complaints leading up to that point.

Maybe your zodiac sign isn’t one to complain about their new haircut, but are you someone who will spend $300 on a new ‘do? HERE is what astrology has to say!

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