I've Been a Vegan For 10 Years–THIS Is My New Go-To Clean, Vegan Hair Line

Written by Ashley Locke

I’m not one who often gets excited about new product releases, especially when it comes to haircare lines. But Authentic Beauty Concept came into my life at a time when I didn’t know how much I truly needed them.

The clean, vegan, performance-driven line recently released their products exclusively at Ulta.com and Salon Centric nationwide.

I was offered the chance to review the line, so read on to discover more about Authentic Beauty Concept and my experience with their products!

Authentic Beauty Concept offers a line of vegan, clean, and cruelty-free products inspired by authenticity. The haircare line is all about being real, honest, and purpose-driven, so their products reflect that notion. What you see is what you get.

Every product they make is not only only certified vegan, but is free from microplastics, mineral oil, parabens, silicone, and artificial colorants. And, they have a sustainable approach to creating their products by working with free-trade initiatives.

Their line is broken up in to three collections (Hydrate, Glow, Replenish) and an assortment of styling products. Each collection is specifically designed to work for various hair types and features a cleanser, conditioner, and mask totaled at $28 each. Let’s dive into each collection and the styling products!

Hydrate is for those with dry and curly hair types. Containing ingredients like mango and basil, the cleanser, conditioner, and mask all work to moisturize your strands with their purifying properties.

(Photo courtesy of Azione PR)

For those with color-treated tresses, Glow is the collection you need in your life. This collection is made with cinnamon and date extract, which offers conditioning and firming properties for colored strands.

Glow collection from Authentic Beauty Concept on a marble countertop
(Photo courtesy of Azione PR)

Is your hair in need of repair? Replenish has you covered. The products in this collection contain maple and pecan nut extracts, so they’ll nourish and soothe the most fragile locks.

Replenish collection from Authentic Beauty Concept on a marble countertop
(Photo courtesy of Azione PR)

Dry Shampoo, Amplify Mousse, Blow Dry Primer, and Shaping Cream are all part of the Stylers line. Coconut oil, jojoba oil, and biodegradable rice starch work together to offer long-lasting performance and pliable textures. Each product in this collection is $25.

The Stylers from Authentic Beauty Concept laying on a marble countertop
(Photo courtesy of Azione PR)

My Experience With Authentic Beauty Concept

I was sent the Replenish collection, along with the Stylers by Authentic Beauty Concept. I would like to note I told them my hair was in need of some repair and they didn’t assume I had damaged locks, though they would’ve been very correct had they done so.

Immediately, I fell in love with the clean and chic packaging. The devil is in the details, so I love that their clean approach trickled down to the packaging. It proves they do pay attention and stick to their word.

As a vegan of almost 10 years, I’ve used a lot of clean, vegan haircare products in my time on this planet. But none have wowed me quite like those from Authentic Beauty Concept. Every product in the collection smelled so good and left my hair feeling refreshed and revitalized after one use.

Of the items in the Replenish collection, I was quite fond of the cleanser and mask. The cleanser was nothing short of magical and may even snag the title of my favorite shampoo of all time. I could feel the ingredients working their magic, but they weren’t too harsh on my fragile strands. The mask was a standout, particularly because I’m not a big fan of hair masks (I know, sue me). Every time I try one, it’s either too much or not enough. The one from Authentic Beauty Concept, however, was just right. It coated my strands in a blend of nourishing ingredients that left them feeling so soft and smooth, without being weighed down.

Replenish hair mask from Authentic Beauty Concept
(Photo courtesy of Azione PR)

While I was sent the Stylers, I didn’t test them out as much as I should. I’m in quarantine, so my hair is either up in a ponytail or down. I blowdried it my locks once just for fun, so I used the Blow Dry Primer and I noticed my strands didn’t feel as frizzy as they usually do afterwards.

Overall Thoughts on the Brand

I feel completely comfortable admitting Authentic Beauty Concept may have become my new favorite haircare brand. From what they stand for to the products they make, I’m fully obsessed with what they have to offer.

Once I started using their products, I instantly noticed a drastic improvement in my strands. And I wasn’t the only one. On two different Zoom calls, I received compliments on how nice my locks looked a few days after using Authentic Beauty Concept. I’ve never received that type of praise after using any other brand, even ones I personally thought made my hair look a thousand times better than ever before.

One of my favorite things about this brand is that they make it easy to know which products of theirs will work for your hair type and group them all together for you to purchase with ease. As someone who never knows what to buy, I appreciate how easy Authentic Beauty Concept made it for me to know what I should add to cart.

Give their products a try, because I guarantee they will work miracles for your tresses. All their products are even available to purchase on Ulta here, which makes life so much easier.

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