The Best Bob for Every Hair Type

Written by Ashley Locke

Bobs are poised to be one of the biggest haircut trends of the year. Not that they ever went out of style, but the cut is totally taking over these days. With so many different styles to choose from, it’s imperative you know which one is right for you. So, we reached out to Atlanta haircut specialist Dyana Nematalla to discover the best bob for each hair type. Below, the CEO of Sirène Salon revealed the perfect bob haircut for the various hair types. Find yours now!

Best Bob for Straight Hair: Blunt Bob

If you have straight hair (aka type 1 hair), Dyana reveals that a clean blunt bob is best for your hair type. She does recommend that if your hair is on the thicker side, you get “it a little beveled towards the bottom to prevent it from getting too heavy. I love to cut it dry and add soft graduation, which will help push hair toward the neck and blend the weight.”

Best Bob for Wavy Hair: Soft Blunt Line Bob

Dyana notes that “wavy hair tends to need a little boost to bring out the natural wave.” In order to do this, she recommends getting “a softer blunt line and adding some long layers at the crown to create movement resulting in a ‘Frenchie’ feel. This also keeps it from looking too flat.” We’ve got plenty of French girl-inspired short haircuts for you to choose from if you want to go that route.

Best Bob for Curly Hair: Face-Framing Layers

Seeing bobs on curly hair is one of our favorite things, though it doesn’t happen too often. For some reason, those with curls tend to think they can’t rock the bob. But that is so untrue. Dyana shares that if you want to get a short haircut, ask for “rounded layers and a little face frame.”

Best Bob for Kinky Hair: Rounded Bob

Those with type 4 coils can absolutely rock a bob haircut as well. It all comes down to the cutting technique used to get your ringlets to sit just right. “Type 4 coils need even more rounded layers to prevent it from creating a triangle and making more volume at the crown,” notes Dyana. “I love to dry cut coily hair, taking small sections from the bottom up and slightly beveling each section for the beautifully rounded bob.”

Best Bob for Thin Hair: Clean Bob

Similar to straight hair, thin hair requires a blunt, clean bob to give it additional movement and texture. For stylists, Dyana notes that “using the sharpest shears is really the key here so make sure your shears are sharpened to create the cleanest line.” You can also add some fringe to this look to better shape the face, Dyana shares.

Best Bob for Thick Hair: Slide-Cutting Layers

Dyana shares that thick hair “benefits from slide-cutting layers.” This will “remove excess bulk and weight while adding movement to achieve a light and airy feel.” Pro tip: Dyana mentions that “thick hair needs to be cut dry because it bevels out so much.” Be sure to ask your stylist to do just that to get the best bob for your hair type!

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