Hairdressers Across the Country Swear by These Drugstore Shampoos

Written by Ashley Mishler

Shampoo comes in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. Some of us can leap for a luxury price tag, but high-dollar styling products aren’t for everyone. However, this doesn’t mean that affordable shampoos can’t live up to the hype. Read on for a round-up of the five best drugstore shampoos, according to hairdressers.

“With where my salon is located, the services can already cost a lot out of pocket, so I always consider alternative options to products I love using in the salon. I found out about L’Oréal Paris EverPure Bond Strengthening Shampoo through TikTok, and I tried it out on my own hair. I couldn’t see a difference and it was a fraction of the price! So when I have a client who wants to take care of my work but is already over-budget, I lead them towards the Bond Strengthening line. When I see them again, not only am I guaranteed their hair is in good condition, but they come back excited for their service and they trust me when it comes to product recommendations.” Xander Falcon, Hairstylist/MUA at Alchemia Art of Hair Salon in Edgewater, Chicago, IL

L'oreal Ever Pure Bond Strengthening Shampoo and Conditioner is an affordable store-bought shampoo option.
(via Ulta)

“As a curly hairstylist, I really appreciate the affordability and clean ingredients used in Not Your Mother’s products. They are free of sulfates, silicones, and parabens. That being said, they are safe for color-treated curly hair without the risk of product buildup. And as someone who is gluten-free, I love that their products are free of that as well. Curly hair is the most high maintenance hair type and along with that comes a lot of products so it’s very nice to know that there is something on the market that is both safe and affordable.”Dana DeGroot, Hairstylist and Curly Specialist at Neo Bella Salon, Naperville, IL

Not Your Mother's makes Affordable Shampoo for Curly Girls and all hair types
(via Ulta)

“I really love the Lazy Jane Shampoo and Conditioner from Eva NYC. Not only is the sea-lavender scent totally intoxicating, but it gives an incredible, frizz-free body and texture to my ultra-fine hair. The cold-pressed method they utilize to derive oil from the hemp plant is the same process used by luxury brands but at a much more affordable price point.”Kristen Green, Hairstylist/MUA in New Orleans, LA

An affordable, high performance dry shampoo from EVA NYC called Lazy Jane
(via Ulta)

“I like Kristen Ess hair products when looking for an affordable option for multiple reasons. Kristen herself is a hairstylist, so she knows what the people want. She has multiple lines that include all hair types (including fragrance-free) and provides a lot of education for the products, not only how to use them but little tips and tricks as well. The brand is always trying to improve as well, whether it be removing silicone from curl products to creating packaging with less plastic. Her product feels like a luxury line and I believe everyone deserves great hair no matter what price point.”Emily Rousse, Studio & Neon Ave Stylist in Chicago, IL

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“Verb says it themselves: ‘We bridge the gap between drugstore and high-end haircare because who says good hair has to be out of reach?’ As a stylist, this is really important to me. Not only is this a quality company making quality products that actually work, but they’re also committed to using the best ingredients and they are women-owned. Verb truly has a shampoo for everyone and they are available at most big box stores.” Beth Nuccio, Hairstylist at Studio.b in Chicago, IL

Verb Ghost Shampoo is an affordable Luxury shampoo available at most big box stores.
(via Sephora)

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